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How to grow a healthy and intelligent child?

Few people think that the basis of the child's health are laid even during pregnancy, but much earlier, and depend on how healthy his future parents, both mother and father.In preparation for pregnancy, and experts believe it equal to half a year before the alleged conception, prospective parents need to go as far as possible a full medical examination and in case of problems, eliminate them immediately.A must is also the rejection of any and all bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol consumption.Vitamin-mineral complexes is absolutely necessary, as it directly affects the quality of gametes produced.
pregnancy itself - these are the magic 40 weeks, which, as we know, there is a bookmark and the formation of the future baby.And here, as ever, it all depends on the mother.Her nutrition, healthy lifestyle, calm psychological situation in the family of a direct impact on the health of the unborn child.
If during pregnancy the child formed normally functioning prisposobitelskie protective mechanisms, it tu
rned out in this new environment, the newborn is easy to adapt to it, but otherwise - will get sick.Anyway, in this period of life the baby he must first of all ensure proper nutrition and care.
perfect food, which took care of the nature, for the newborn is, of course, breast milk.According to the World Health Organization, breast-feeding, carried out on demand, significantly reduces the possibility of problems such as infection, jaundice, gipoglekemiya (decrease in blood sugar), and hypothermia (decreased body temperature).
Proper care for a newborn means first of all to ensure the baby comfortable environment and compliance with the necessary care.Nothing slows down the process of formation of immunity as overheating occurs due to wanton wraps.It is proved that the baby most comfortable temperature is 22 degrees with a relative humidity of 50-70%.Excessive wrapping, causing intense sweating, literally opens the door to all possible diseases.
Water procedures, as necessary from the point of view of hygiene, other than that is a potent means of revitalizing and offer the best opportunities for quenching baby.Tempering, in turn, helps the formation of the immune system.
Particular attention should be paid to walk in the fresh air, which is raising the child's appetite, strengthening his lungs and skin, enriching actively growing brain, vital baby.Seasoned
child with a strong immunity, usually without any problems attends kindergarten.His body can easily cope with various infections represented there in all its diversity.At this stage, in addition to a balanced diet, continue tempering treatments and active walks, the child is necessary to provide psychological comfort at home and in kindergarten.It is important that the child was in the garden with joy, and not with tears.His peace of mind - the key to physical health.
The older the child becomes, the better the immune system.However, in the school, according to the statistics, the majority of children's health deteriorates significantly, there are diseases often take a chronic form.The main causes of health problems among schoolchildren experts believe the lack of proper balanced diet, lack of physical activity Overloading mental.The modern student most of the time sitting at a desk or computer, leading to widespread problems with the spine and vision loss, and poor diet causes diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.High requirements for teen parents and teachers, often lead to the appearance of the child's neuroses.
At this stage, parents need to properly distribute the load borne by the child to try to reach a balance between mental and physical activity, as well as to be able to maintain spiritual contact with him, the loss of which can lead to very dire consequences during adolescence.
Thus, speaking about the health of a child of any age, can distinguish four main factors affecting it: correctly matched balanced nutrition, tempering, exercise and peace of mind.The task of parents who see their child healthy and ensure that it is all of these.

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