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Treatment of frigidity in women

Definition of frigidity

Before you begin treatment, you must identify the cause that led to frigidity.Often treatment of women to the doctor-sexologist due to the same problem, that men are not able to satisfy them.This woman "silence" observes the actions of men taking a passive stance.Neither of which frigidity have to say, if a woman alone can achieve orgasm.But in some case it is necessary to identify the cause of physiological abnormalities.Treatment of frigidity bind because of this with psychotherapy.

Treatment of frigidity in women

All women who feel dissatisfaction in the sexual life, must be examined by a psychoanalyst, sexologist.Establish their sexual life can sometimes after a few sessions a specialist.

Frigidity treated as any disease.When the disease is not associated with congenital malformations (physical), or tumors, that frigidity can rid herself a woman.Quite simply the lady should she want to feel desire and orgasm.She needs to be in the vicinity of the initiative to kiss

and caress partner to make him a strong desire.Some of the recommendations in order to get rid of the problem of frigidity in women: to have sex as often as possible;together with the partner you need to discuss problems and seek solutions.

very important that took place in a calm atmosphere sexual intimacy.Also, candles, glass of wine, flowers, light music, in other words, there must be corresponding romantic setting for exciting desires.Loving a man, if he wants to help get rid of the problems of women will help her, caressing her and saying kind words, because it enhances desire.Many women are embarrassed by their desires, so a man to guess them, proceed with caution and tact.

orgasm itself is very good for health.When a woman has an orgasm often, it decreases the risk of inflammatory processes and tumor formation.Orgasm prevents the formation of small bodies in stagnation, promotes relaxation (muscle).Also orgasm helps to restore the heartbeat, normalize the heartbeat, blood pressure, have a calming and relaxing effect.Treatment of this disease in women as frigidity is necessary, since the orgasm - is prevention of many diseases affecting women.

Drugs for treatment of frigidity in women

recommend treatment of this disease in women can be a doctor, based on the individual characteristics of women and the causes of its malaise.Treatment of frigidity medication method is auxiliary.It is carried out only in combination with a variety of other activities.No presently specific drugs that could cause a woman sexual excitability.But to increase sexual desire, doctors recommend certain drugs.Well established "Tribestan and Tribulustan."These drugs are a good barrier for hormonal disorders and some diseases affecting women and have no significant side effects.As well as being sold in drugstores different alcoholic extracts and herbs, which are also recommended by doctors.This alcohol tincture of ginseng extract alcohol from deer antler extract, Eleutherococcus, Aralia and alcohol tinctures of calendula.As well as dried leaves, flowers and stems of violet, tincture of golden root.

very good results in the treatment of frigidity is obtained by means of physical therapy: drug irrigation solutions crotch, diathermy, baths in sea water and special curative mud baths.

But the most important thing is to get rid of frigidity, a woman must want it herself, then the effect will be positive.