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After birth, you can have sex

later with How much time you can have sex after giving birth? Doctors usually recommend a minimum of six weeks of abstinence after childbirth.But it recognizes that there are many women for whom, and for three months "rest" is not enough.The final decision belongs exclusively to the woman and her doctor.Everything depends on the bleeding has ended that arose during childbirth (episiotomy), fatigue and many other physical and psychological factors.In the first weeks after birth is tested psychological maturity of young fathers.The more active they will be involved in the care of the baby, the new mother will regain strength.Including sex.

In which position is best to have sex after giving birth? Pregnancy and childbirth are the female body for a large mental and physical stress.And it should be taken into account.First, you can select the position in which it is better controlled pace, penetration depth and intensity of movements.Do not prove the woman virility and stamina.When having sex after chil

dbirth is important delicacy, tenderness and attention above all.Women need to know that even after childbirth she is loved and desired.It encouraged the missionary position in its various versions.Also, when a woman is above and itself controls the intensity and depth of penetration of the penis.Also, it is necessary to be extremely vigilant and to respond to any signs of pain or discomfort that may arise as a result of partners.

How to have sex after a cesarean? all depends on how the wound is healing.Female body after cesarean are often sensitive to hormonal changes.Even more so than women who naturally. the best and a safe position is the missionary position in all its variants.And pose on his side, and posture of the rider.

Why vagina sometimes very dry? Vaginal dryness occurs in many women after childbirth.And one of the reasons that young mothers debug sex for several months.The bottom line is that the vagina does not provide sufficient lubrication, making love is difficult and painful.Vaginal dryness is mainly due to the shortage of hormones.However, this can easily be prevented by moisturizing intimate gel.By the way, these drugs should be used as an excellent start - foreplay.

What if women avoid sex after childbirth? Many believe it is not necessary to do anything, just give it a rest.But this is a mistake!We must be aware of the various causes of decreased libido and your partner try to fix this situation.If the woman is shy overweight, which has not yet kicked off, the man simply must express my great love for her body.If a woman is tired of caring for a child, the man must unload it and take as much responsibility.If a woman is afraid of pain that may occur during intercourse, a man should assure her that he would do everything gently and carefully.If you make love prevents the baby, you can always find the time.For example, when it is sleeping.

Can I fondle breasts nursing mothers? Yes.But about how to caress his chest, better sprsit specialists.Many nursing mothers can not even imagine that someone could touch their chest instead of a child, even their husbands.There are also women who are experiencing just the opposite if their breasts for several months were not treated kindly.In the first case a man should respect the woman's feelings and focus on other erogenous zones.But they are enough: the neck, legs, buttocks, back, arms, mouth and other hidden corners of the female body.In the latter case, do not forget that kindness should be delicate.After breasts and nipples are often quite painfully react to touch.In addition, men should understand that milk may ooze from the nipple.If you is uncomfortable, it is better to abandon the caresses in advance and avoid unpleasant for you and your loved one incident.The smaller the probability of occurrence of breast milk during caresses, is when you do it soon after feeding.Because the breast is already empty.

Will sexual feelings the same as before the birth? Not immediately.A child during the natural childbirth stretches the vagina.And also there is an episiotomy, the expansion of the cervix.It will take several weeks, sometimes even months to between the thighs of a woman everything was back to its original size.Most doctors sexologists recognize that for some time the partners of women who have given birth, can not fully enjoy sex.However, you can guarantee that with time everything will be back to normal.Women can accelerate this process by training certain muscles with special exercises.But be sure to monitor their condition, in order not to harm the body.After the birth, you can have sex, but after a certain period of time.