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The reasons for the lack of sexual desire

We deliberately do not give specific appearances and passwords.Because the first thing you should know - sooner or later it happens to absolutely everyone.So there is a sense of "panic aside," take a deep breath and understand the causes of this phenomenon.Treat without a diagnosis - a dangerous folly.This doctor will tell you any.

Where, where are you retired?

most common problem of marriage (a decrease in sexual desire) is a direct consequence of the most common misconceptions of the spouses - the perception of marriage as the ultimate goal.But with the "marriage certificate" is really only the beginning!Marriage, if you look, this is not the goal, it is - the process.And the process is dynamic and unstable.Any marriage is going through its ups and downs, is not devoid of meaning and the theory of the "crisis of relations."Inhabiting the same area, each "prince" or "princess" sooner or later with horror learns that the love of his life - a living organism, with its own needs, features and other "c

ockroaches".You do not make love with your husband?I don `t want?This is bad.So, we will wish to return!

In a healthy body

Doctors allocate 3 basic physiological factors responsible for the loss of sexual desire: hormonal, symptomatic and psychophysiological.Not only isolated but also prove empirically: the whole story down to earth is the main factor in the disappearance of libido.Here's a physicist instead of the lyrics.

Play, a hormone!

There are several types of hormones somehow affecting the level of libido.First of all, luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) - substance comes from the pituitary gland, responsible for the actual production of female and male sex hormones: progesterone and testosterone.By the way, in men, these hormones are divided into permanent one, and for women - cyclical, increasing the dose during ovulation and during the phase of the menstrual cycle.They are responsible for sex drive and the production of these substances, to blame for the lack of desire.Understand, in order to instill your hormonal background, you can use the analysis of blood from a vein, which can be put into any clinic early in the morning on an empty stomach.Both female and male hormones are produced in the body of both sexes.All difference - in their number.If the balance is disturbed - libido falls.Fortunately, modern medicine treats hormonal imbalance "once or twice": drink a course of hormonal drugs, you will be fine.

links of the same chain

There is a whole list of diseases that reduce (and sometimes leveling) libido.Among them: obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, coronary heart disease, hypertension, kidney failure, stomach ulcers, arthritis, diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver, prostate and prostate adenoma.It's simple: cured the reason you get rid of the investigation.

sadness, longing I eaten

Among the most important psycho-physiological reasons for the decline in libido - stress, and extremely dangerous consequences, a kind of "plague of the XXI century" - depression.Regardless of whether that was the impetus for the disease, a consequence of the depressed state is always a lack of sexual desire, and even violation of potency.How to distinguish depression from bad mood?There is nothing easier!Doldrums inhibits not only the emotional and intellectual component.Depression - is a real disease.And like any disease significantly "hit" on the basic physiological processes.With depression, you can not (or just really, really do not want to!) Sleep, eat, sex, work and make decisions, think, move.Along with the desire to quickly disappear forces necessary for life.In addition, psychiatrists diagnosing depression, use this trick as a mood depending on solar activity: if a simple melancholy and boredom often piled in the evenings and at night, the "time B" for depression - the morning.Medical statistics show 80% of patients who have received adequate professional help for depression is completely cured.If self and methods "traditional medicine" do not give a stable positive results - to draw conclusions about the severity of your illness.And immediately contact a doctor.

Diseases Society

reason for the decrease in libido is often an overabundance of information.Sooner or later, the partners begin to compare with each other, so to speak, lost options.And often in favor of the latter.And no one is aware of the fact that other people are by and large are attractive precisely because they are different.Search for "good from the good", by the way, dead-end branch of evolution of relations with the outside world.It is complicated by the inevitable gradual decrease in libido.And at the end of this road awaits loneliness.

right, I forgive you!

universal recipes "How to want a husband?"does not exist.Each case is unique - because each pair has its own characteristics.There are only a few general recommendations.As with any major project in the return to the world of "great sex" a watershed.Remember that the start here is familiar - with yourself.Naladte a reasonable schedule.Try to bring your life to a "healthy": exercise, good sleep, good nutrition - all of this is extremely important.Do not overeat at night!Love on a full stomach, even if it happened, the dubious pleasure.Limit alcohol intake.Judicious use of herbal medicine still does not harm anyone.Women recommend rue for men Dubrovnik.Brew as a tea and drink.Do not force yourself to have sex.Let your intimate life fit into a banal formula "once a week".The main thing that you will have it.Do not forget about partner - be initiated spontaneous action.If the absence of sex is not the result of an elementary lack of love, he is sure to "tighten" and make efforts to revive the intimate life.Well, if you do not make love because to do, in the general something, nothing ... There can be only one piece of advice: do not be afraid of change.Life without desires and events, and loses meaning.

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