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How not to quarrel with the sweet?

In life, where there are two - is not without quarrels, even the most perfect relationship is not immune from strife.It is important that at the end of the quarrel had no desire to once and for all not to see this man.But if you're going to quarrel this last point on the relationship, then comes.Do not let the enemy to open his mouth, ignited by upholstered in all the history of communication, all the anger spills out, and in the end start to beat the dishes, presented to his mother.

Well, if a fight is going to end in a peaceful way, not remembering the old grudges, because after they have been reconciliation, give the opportunity to talk to your partner, but without raising his voice as a cry and never cries or to no good result.Claims there will always be, as the relationship between you develop and perfect people do not exist.But if there are no issues at stake between you do not just tell their girlfriends ask them for support and sympathy.Solve your own problems.

Quite often in situations only w

oman capable of the first to admit their mistakes or to help his companion to take the first step towards reconciliation.Women are more gentle and kind and therefore always try to finish the quarrel reconciliation.He'll always be grateful to go to meet you.Swear must be able to quickly move away from the fighting.Then the argument will not be as noticeable in your relationship.You can not long remain silent during quarrels, this you just give yourself to absorb his anger and aggravate the situation than the situation can lead to a dead end.Learn to forgive.Even if you just do not need to forgive.Man after all fallible.

Human behavior especially during an argument unpredictable, very often it happens that the partners who are accustomed for many years to each other start to criticize and ridicule not only acquired deficiencies, but also physical, which of course everyone has.But, nevertheless, you must try not to stoop to this.And then stop the endless mutual criticism would be problematic.Think, judge, maybe this abuse and have your share of the blame.

How not to swear, with a sweet to remember a few rules:

If you can avoid the appearance of conflict, as it was not hard, try to do so.Better a bad peace than a good quarrel.

If the "showdown" nevertheless began to speak calmly, without raising his voice.Crick still achieve nothing.And most importantly, try to keep the tears.Men do not endure.

Remember not the old grudges, because after they have been reconciled.

not threatened.This is a bad attempt to achieve the desired short while swearing by, not to negotiate, but through blackmail, assault and aggression.

quarreled with sweet, learn not to blame the other person.The words addressed to my dear, "is all your fault," is regarded as terror.At the same time you do not push the clear requirements, and forcing a partner to feel guilty.The sense of injustice and humiliation does not build relationships.

important to remember that man and woman are the two poles of the continent, with different views with different emotional state, and therefore a different understanding of the same problem.Learning to be wiser and calmly accept all the difficulties.The quarrels are no winners, everyone loses.You should remember that war and peace in the relationship depends on the woman, she controls it, and only it is able to soften the blow.

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