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Popular types of hardware cosmetology

Galvanizing is a physical therapy technique that is used in hardware cosmetology, using galvanic current.Due to pronounced analgesic effect, apply it in the case of neuralgia, muscle hypotonia and malnutrition.When, during this procedure, electrodes are applied to drugs or cosmetics, obtained a method of physical therapy and cosmetology as electrophoresis.

Iontophoresis is a method of administration in the deep subcutaneous layers of various drugs and cosmetic agents by high pulse current.This method has no side effects on the skin, characteristic of the galvanic (DC), namely the maceration, redness and irritation, so you can carry out the procedure on sensitive skin.

Lymphatic drainage is such influence, through which you can speed up the flow of lymph through the lymph vessels, improve cellular nutrition and reduce tissue swelling.There are several treatment zones of lymphatic drainage because in hardware cosmetology program is used for the lower and upper e

xtremities.Cosmetic equipment can affect the intensity of which is governed by a rigid, soft, medium or superficial lymph drainage.

lipolysis - the various methods of reducing and destroying subcutaneous fat.Hardware cosmetology uses methods such as mechanical and biochemical.To include a mechanical vacuum massage and ultrasound, and a biochemical - mesotherapy (injection of drugs unit, which break down fat tissue), ozone therapy (the introduction of gas for the breakdown of fat tissue) and elektolipoliz (using an electrical current).

Microcurrent therapy in cosmetology called method of influence on skin pulse current of low intensity at which the current passing through the tissue, no effect of stimulation, however, contributes to depolarization, recharging cell membranes.Because of this metabolism in tissues is improved and the regeneration and repair of tissues is accelerated.The objectives of the micro-current therapy in hardware cosmetology are raising the tone of the skin of the face and body, enhancing the elasticity of muscles, wound healing, smoothing wrinkles.

Microcurrent facelift is a non-surgical facelift.This is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the today.It effectively helps to combat the withering of the skin and wrinkles, increases the tone of facial muscles, without cutting them.

Microcurrent lymphatic drainage is used to gently eliminate edema of the face and under the eyes, especially if the skin is damaged or sensitive.

Myostimulation is a technique based on the ability of muscles to contract when they are affected by the intensity of a pulse current of 1 mA.Used to increase the power consumption in the body, burning calories, without using the exercise.Thus Estheticians achieve weight loss, increase muscle tone, enhance blood and lymph circulation, accelerating metabolism.This procedure can be successfully corrected silhouette: tighten the abdomen, thigh.

toning facial believe the procedure stimulates the regeneration of new cells of the upper layers of the skin and enhances the tone of collagen and elastin fibers, which is carried out at home.

ultrozvukom micro massage is a mechanical stimulation of the facial tissues, improved regeneration, cleaning the skin and enhance the function of the connective tissue.Ultrasonic vibrations are specifically - does scar tissue more supple, splitting bundles of collagen fibers into individual fibrils.

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