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Folk remedies breast enlargement

Folk remedies breast enlargement

Suitable sprouts.It significantly stimulates breast growth, but only in adolescence can achieve noticeable results.

believed that you can enlarge your breasts, if you regularly drink black tea with milk.The proven milk tea from fresh strawberry leaves.First the leaves are brewed as usual tea with boiling water, then add the milk.

Safe folk remedy for breast augmentation are walnuts and honey.To do this, pour liquid honey, walnuts and infuse week.And then there are three times a day for a few nuts.

There is an opinion that one should eat raw dough.But slightly different point of view of experts, they believe that from this diet is questionable result, also may be a problem with the digestive system, and being overweight.

One of the popular methods of breast augmentation are crusts of bread.Those who have tried it means saying that the observed effect 6 months after eating the crust in large quantities.

Not as common means - during the 30 days before a meal to e

at 1 tsp. Turmeric with milk.

There are some tips that you need to eat more fatty foods.This is rational to increase breast volume, and the volume of all other parts of the body.If you suddenly decide it, remember that this method is dangerous for the pancreas.

Folk remedies offer food fish, chicken, milk and dairy products, green apples, even beer and wine.But doctors are skeptical such diets.

There are different recipes for concoctions: 1 tbsp.spoon hop pour 200 ml of water, put on 15 minutes in a water bath to boil, leave and take 1/3 cup of broth 3 times a day.But this means breast augmentation to be very careful, because the effect can be achieved due to the hormones that are contained in the hop cones.

Moderately drink beer, it has long been known by the people means to increase breast.But do not abuse this recipe to avoid beer according to the same disadvantages are such that in the recipe with hops.

can be mixed in equal parts rye, corn, barley, millet, brew plenty of water and drink before a meal three times a day.At night, wrap the chest rice porridge in the morning rinse infusion of chamomile chest.But it does not work to rationalize the effectiveness of the method.

can make compresses for ten times this alternate cold compress with sea salt with a hot compress oil of geranium and ylang-ylang, then rinse with clean water and breast to breast lift to put the appropriate cream.But this means you have to be careful, as hypothermia and hyperthermia will provoke the appearance of tumors.

Another recipe - 10 drops of geranium oil and ylang-ylang and 50 ml of almond oil, mix and apply it every day after showering.

positive reviews applications on the night of blue clay.This tool helps to maintain the elasticity and breast lift.

Before using folk remedies for breast enlargement, should be guided by the main principle of doctors - do no harm.All recipes must be agreed with the doctor, and only then you can apply one or another recipe.Be careful experiments, and know that you are beautiful just the way you are.

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