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Liposuction double chin

If there are small chin fat, as a rule, first used procedures such as mesotherapy and Mesodissolution.They are the modern methods of dealing with local deposits of fat.Their principle is that in place of fat deposition administered high doses gipoosmolyarnogo cocktail or lipolitikov such as a triac, L-karnetin, lipostabil, deoxycholate, and the like.These substances are as follows: they destroy cell membranes of the fat, and then the cells were split.What remains of them enters the lymphatic current, causing swelling of the surrounding tissue, in some cases - of which leads to the need for several days after the beginning of reception of these substances lymphatic drainage procedures.

If even with diet and mesotherapy is impossible to remove fat deposits on the chin, you can resort to the procedure of liposuction.During the liposuction double chin made three small incisions - two in the ear lobes and the third in the middle of the submandibular region.It is usually used cannulas of small diameter, not

more than 2 mm, with a special shpatelnuyu shape, which helps to avoid any complications and punctures after they heal without leaving traces.

After the liposuction was performed immediately you will notice the first results, but the full effect will be seen only after the fall of edema and addiction neck and chin to the changed conditions.On the final result can only speak half a year after the operation.Also in the postoperative period is recommended two weeks wear a compression garment.

as separate operations, chin liposuction is suitable only for those women whose facial skin has not lost elasticity and firmness.However, very often after forty years of leather women is no different these qualities, so this procedure in this case is usually combined with a face lift.

If there a pronounced ptosis of skin-muscle tissue along with fat deposits on the chin held a face lift at the same time with the plastic of musculo-aponeurotic system and the chin liposuction procedure that can significantly increase the anti-aging effect.

principle liposuction

Before you start an operation, carried out a detailed study, including the analysis of urine, blood, ECG, X-rays of the breast.During the operation, anesthesia is not used, since fat tissue is saturated with specially prepared pre-anesthetic cocktail.The duration of the operation depends on what volume of the surface to be treated.Typically, liposuction takes about 10-20 minutes.Adipose tissue can be disrupted by various methods (ultrasonic, mechanical, RF, etc.).After that, the expert makes a puncture and introduces cannula (a thin tube) through which pumped fat emulsion.After the operation carried out another inspection and after 1-2 hours the patient can leave the hospital already.

Laser liposuction

One of the latest technologies in the field of cosmetic surgery are considered to radiofrequency and laser liposuction technique.With laser liposuction techniques produced coagulation of adipose tissue, and then subcutaneous tissue using laser energy heats up and aspirate the liquefied fat.

The most significant advantage of this method is that when it is done at the same time tightening of facial skin due to warm the laser radiation on the collagen fibers.However, it is likely overheating points of treatment - some patients after laser liposuction complain of burning, swelling and soreness in the area of ​​treatment.