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What is the effect on the skin tattoos and piercings?

Although modern methods of body jewelry seem harmless, in practice such procedures often end with complications.Especially when the specialist who performs them, not follow the rules of safety.One of the adverse effects of both tattoos and body piercing is skin irritation.This may be an allergic reaction to the dye ink or a metal.When allergies need to be sure to get rid of allergenic factors.If in the case of piercing enough to get rid of the metal trinkets, in the case of a tattoo is not so easy to do.This is done using a skin graft or a laser, but these methods always leave scars.Doctors are also known cases of abscesses after implantation earrings nipple.In turn, the known facts about the patients, which as a result of wearing jewelry in the mouth and the teeth suffering from periodontitis.Among the visitors tattoo or piercing parlors often come across people with hepatitis B, C or their carriers.Therefore, you have to be 200% sure that your chosen salon a working tool sanitized.Remember that hepati

tis C is poorly understood and trudnoizlechim.Moreover, many people are carriers of this dangerous disease and do not even know about it.Another terrible disease, which is known to all, is AIDS.In recent years, cases of HIV infection in the tattoo parlor and body piercing sharply increased.For this reason, the US blood collection stations even refused to take blood from people who have or have had in the past, tattoos or piercings.As you can see, the problem is serious enough.Do not neglect your health, spit on safety.

Fashion body

most popular parts of the body piercing are the ears, tongue and navel.This is due to the fact that these areas are the least painful and are in sight.Much more uncomfortable cause nasal septum piercing the nipple or breast, because in these places more nerve endings.Unfortunately, nipples, navel and eyebrow long time to heal.Sometimes rehabilitation process lasts six months.For comparison, after the ear piercing heals about 4 weeks.The whole procedure takes only a second.It is performed by a needle (with the exception of fashionable wide inserts) or a special gun.

desirable that body piercing jewelry are made of titanium or surgical steel.Because these metals are well tolerated and have almost no influence on the skin.Before surgery, the jewelry should be sterilized and treated with antiseptics place piercing.Make sure to "pirsingist" during the entire operation was in disposable gloves.

Remember: an open wound can easily pierce the infection.So try not to touch the skin around the ear, do not apply any creams or lotions.It should give up during wound healing by the swimming pool, sauna and solarium.Instead, it is necessary to take a shower bath, and as soon as possible.Necessary to piercing place 2-3 times a day to wash the 3% hydrogen peroxide.Attention!If you have a predisposition to allergies, bleeding disorders or diabetes - the piercing is not for you.

paint and needles

Now you can make on your skin tattoo in almost any part of the body.Tattoo near the bone (e.g., around the spine) is very painful.Thus, in professional studios can ask ispolzovpt anesthesia.The paint is applied under the skin using a special tool equipped with a needle.Do not forget to ensure that the procedures used for disposable needles, sterile razor, and persons working in disposable gloves.And, of course, think carefully before you start the operation, if you really want to "decorate" your body with tattoos.And if you Infusions strongly, with pre-defined pattern, its size and the site of application.

Remember tattooing after a while they can not be wet.At this time also can not sunbathe.Three days before surgery recommended abstinence from alcohol (alcohol slows down the healing process).After every 2 hours of tattoo tattoo should be lubricated with a special ointment for the entire healing period.By the way, you can treat yourself to a henna tattoo, it is now fashionable.This tattoo is completely safe, since penetrate directly into the skin, not under it.Tattoos turn light brown and stored up to 3 weeks.

It is necessary to know:

- Tattoos and body piercing are not allowed to do at home.

- If you are under 18 years of age, consent to the tattoos and piercings have to give your parents.

- During rehabilitation do not remove the earrings from the lips or tongue, because the hole grows very quickly, sometimes within hours.

- Tattoo have to be updated every few years.Black becomes bluish dye and colored dye fade.

- The quality of the materials used have a direct impact on the skin and can cause allergic reactions, redness, itching, peeling, etc.

How to help yourself first few days after the piercing

language.Within five days after a tongue piercing may experience problems with speech and eating.Because at that time the language is sometimes swell and ache.What can bring relief to you: Do not regret ice cream and soft drinks.Avoid hot, sour and pungent foods.Brush your teeth after meals and rinse your mouth with sage infusion.
navel.After the operation at the puncture site observed swelling and irritation.These symptoms usually disappear after about 6-8 weeks after the procedure.What can bring relief to you: Do not wear tight pants.To wipe the navel after the shower, do not use common towel.
Guba.Swelling usually occurs within 2-3 days after surgery and lasts for about a week.To speak and eat in this period will be difficult.You just have to wait this time.

As you can see, the effect on the skin tattoos and body piercing can be quite substantial.Especially dangerous allergic reactions.It should also be wary of infectious diseases transmitted through blood.Some of them are curable!However, if you follow all of the recommendations, the special problems should arise.And you will be able to surprise everyone with a spicy twist.