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As at home to get rid of stretch marks on the breasts

But more often, they are caused by pregnancy and sudden weight gain with her, as well as due to other causes, such as hormonal disorders, chronic diseases, leading to a sharp entirety.The mechanism of the appearance of stretch marks, or striae, as they are called on science, looks as follows: within the skin tissue due to hyperextension of gaps formed elastin and collagen fibers.Then zarubtsovyvayutsya discontinuities, thus there is a connective tissue replacement.Simply put, stretch marks - a scarred, but not on the surface of the skin, and its inner layer.

Streamers, whatever they may be, are not dangerous to health, but discomfort can deliver his owners of quite a few.

One of the favorite places is considered to stretch the chest.It is subject to rapid changes during puberty, and even more during pregnancy and lactation.And stretch marks can be very strong.Poloski- strii- can have pink, burgundy and even purple - a fresh stretch marks.Then they fade and eventually become white.

course, the elasticity of the skin is dependent on genetics.So if your mother has stretch marks during pregnancy is necessary to pay special attention to the skin.For prevention to be useful massage, douches, exercise and nourishing fatty creams and oils containing vitamin A, E, C, based on chamomile, chestnut (horse) and other plants.

feed the baby and found extensions, the woman first thinks about how at home to get rid of stretch marks on the breasts.After all, sometimes the young moms do not have time to visit the salon.Salon treatment - expensive pleasure.A surgical method (abdomenoplastika) - an extreme measure and unsafe.Therefore, do not be upset and look ahead.Pets methods of getting rid of stretch marks on the breasts can become an essential tool in the fight against them, and save the family budget.

So, we get rid of stretch marks.This article will be given a number of ways, and you choose the most suitable for you, although you can try gradually.

From fresh and small stretch marks on his chest you can try to get rid of through a series of algae wraps.The basis is better to take spirullinu, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.It is advisable to warm up the skin, for example, taking a bath.Then apply the paste pasty region stretching from algae (in the form of heat), wrap the chest film and cover with something warm, such as a shawl.Then go to bed under a thick blanket for 30-60 minutes.With the creation of the thermal effect, the active substance immediately conducted into the skin.The procedure should be repeated 6 to 12 times.As a result, you will see how to improve skin tone and fine fresh stretch marks disappear.

to combat sagging and stretch marks on his chest, you can use contrasting compresses.For the procedure, you must prepare two basin with cool and hot water (38 degrees) and a towel, terry better.Add in a basin of hot water one teaspoon of salt, and cold - as much lemon juice.Then alternately breastfed towel soaked and then hot pressed, then in cold water.We start with hot water and finish with cold.A hot compress is applied for 30 seconds and cold - one minute.The procedure should be repeated 5 to 6 times.Then the breast skin rubbed lotion previously made.It is prepared as follows: Pour 2 teaspoons rosemary (dry material) with cold water (4 cups), bring to a boil and turn off, steamed under the hood.Ostuzhennoy need to drain the broth, add to it 3-4 teaspoons of lemon juice and 2 teaspoons of salt and alcohol.This lotion can be used, if there is no allergy.Apply it first to a small area of ​​the sample.If this recipe does not suit you, you can cook the other lotion.To make it, you need to take 1 tablespoon chopped dry raw material of dill and lime flowers, pour 2 cups boiling water and infuse for 2 hours.Apply for flabby skin, covered with stretch marks.No need to rinse and wipe with a towel, let the skin obsohnet air.

to fight stretch marks on his chest in the home, use moisturizing and nourishing cream that contains horsetail, soy, hops, ginseng, mint.Natural components of the above plants will keep the skin in good shape, and most importantly, strengthen connective tissue regeneration, increase the elasticity of the fibers.

Many women are looking for an answer to a question about how at home to get rid of stretch marks on his chest, successfully turning to aromatherapy.Essential oils, on the right, took pride of place in cosmetology.They are the most effective and affordable way to get rid of many cosmetic defects.

For the treatment of stretch marks, and you can use the methods of traditional medicine.To do this, take half a cup of olive oil, add the ten drops of vitamin E and five drops of vitamin A. To the resulting mass is added fresh aloe juice.The resulting "drug" to rub stretch marks twice a day.The remaining mixture was stored in a refrigerator.

To get rid of stretch marks can be used fresh pasta pharmacy Retin-A, which is applied directly to the striae.

All of these methods are bad for the old, that is, white streamers.While some ladies manage to get rid of them it is at home.

House can also prepare a scrub helps to get rid of stretch marks.His recipe is simple: take 1 cup of sugar and salt, and ½ cup of olive oil.If you have any kakim- randomly turned the house of palm oil, it is best to take it.All mix well and put on the problem areas in a circular motion.The procedure was carried out as often as possible during the shower.After peeling the skin to rub any fat cream, special cream or lotion for stretch marks

excellent way of getting rid of stretch marks on the chest at home is to use a mummy.To do this, squeeze tube baby cream in a glass jar and add to it 2 grams dissolved in one teaspoon of boiled water mummy.Massu beat.Homemade cream rubbed into the stretch marks on a daily basis and it is recommended to keep it in the refrigerator.

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