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Ultrasonic facial massage

use of ultrasound in cosmetics

Today procedure that uses ultrasound, produce a real sensation in the world of cosmetology.It turns out that low power fluctuations at 1 MHz allow ultrasounds without any difficulties to penetrate the skin tissue.Being under the influence of heat, there is an expansion of the blood vessels that leads the replenishment of cells in the blood and provides an active flow in the blood nutrients and oxygen.Plus, the ultrasound increases cell membrane permeability level that provides easy entry into the skin of various active substances (e.g., coenzyme Q 10).These substances have a rejuvenating effect, and tea tree oil used during ultrasonic facial, great fights acne.

This massage provides the motion of the molecules of fat, which has a mechanical action.All toxins and grease particles enter the lymph channels and out of the body.Purified toxins from the skin begins to intensively produce the required collagen, elasticity and finding well-groomed appearance.Also, ultrasound

massage relieves muscle tension and relaxes.This type of massage is used in facial cosmetic and medicinal purposes.

Try ultrasound massage

Typically, such a facial massage is used in order to equalize the tone of the skin and its rejuvenation, as well as the treatment of acne, dermatitis, skin laxity and even an enemy of female beauty as a "double chin."This massage includes a whole series of procedures, ranging from six to twelve.Making these procedures recommended two or three times a week.Each procedure takes 15-20 minutes.After completing the course, you can see how all the little wrinkles smoothed, oval face has got smart contour and skin was healthy color.Also shrink enlarged pores, fade dark circles under the eyes become less visible scars, scars, freckles and age spots.This is due to the stimulation of blood circulation, enhance metabolism at the cellular level, cleanse the skin of toxins.

Thus ultrasound massage perfectly cleans the surface of the skin, removes dirt and grease under the skin by opening its pores to absorb the beneficial ingredients.It is therefore recommended for such use various massage cream that tend to increase patency of ultrasonic waves.

way, ultrasound massage treatments can be easily done at home.For this you need a special ultrasound device, using which, you must strictly adhere to the instructions and recommendations.

What is an ultrasound massager?

Ultrasonic massager is an apparatus which sends sound waves that can penetrate to a depth of 7 cm.It is able to generate ultrasonic vibrations with a frequency of 1 MHz or 1 million times per second.

Contraindications use ultrasonic waves

This type of massage is considered quite safe procedure, because it is produced by a simple and friendly technology, but despite this, always remember about precautions:

  • during this procedure, you mustAvoid areas of the skin around the mouth, throat and center of the ears;
  • not to apply ultrasonic waves to the skin if there are open sores, irritation;
  • not use inside the mouth, nose, ears;
  • this massage is contraindicated in pregnant women, people suffering from benign and malignant tumors, ischemic heart disease, hypertension, vascular dystonia.