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Envy black and white

It's not as though you are prosperous you can easily find someone who is more well-being and lucky.

all stages of jealousy, I could watch from his friend.From a strange joy she could spoil the mood, she became sarcastic and bile, and then took offense and began to look for someone to blame is that someone better than herself.Most often he found himself to blame her husband, just because of the fact that it the closest.Although during the years of her jealousy like a congenital disease could priutihnut a while and then flare up again.And so from year to year.

I always felt sorry for her, because I could see and understand what the agony she experienced in reality.How it hard to live among humans.In principle, its life was all quite nice, but apparently it was not enough.I wanted more and more, and that this "more" is not to blame for her husband.Like this.

Comparing himself and his position with the success of other people, analysis and conclusions that are not in their favor lead to envy the lot is l

azy misfits, people who, for some different reasons could not take place in his life.They believe that they have something nedodali, they did not appreciate, do not notice their capabilities.Despite the desire to be wealthier and more successful, more successful and intelligent people, envious does not move while continuing to suffer eat them enviously.Which is why so?In order to achieve the previously listed, you must always improve ourselves.Always make an effort to work and achieve - in other words, do not sit still and constantly work on themselves and to deal with emerging challenges.Although much easier to go with the flow and not to change anything in my life.

And what life is for those who are jealous?Naturally, an occasion for other people's irritation enjoy below average.Envious people whispering behind his back, yazvyat and gossip, and sometimes nasty to measure their strength and abilities.

do not despair, let them drip poison behind you, but because they envy you!Your successes, they are already estimated.Number of envy can be regarded as a sign of the success of your life achievements.But deliberately to demonstrate their achievements to boast of in front of others is not necessary, it is a direct path to the arrogance and loneliness.

intelligent person and knows how to be jealous mind.Someone will say: - "How is she was given, and I do not?" The other - the one who is intelligent, think: - "She was able to achieve, and why am I not?What have I done? "This is called white envy, it serves as an impetus for the development and self-improvement.A man who knows how to envy white envy can say openly: - "Yes, I'm jealous, but I was able to achieve the same, if not more."And they did so.

Black envy their venom poison your soul and white - makes it move forward, to progress.Do not be afraid to envy.The main thing to be able to do it so that you are not angry at the man who has achieved success and to express admiration.And do it from the heart.

Black and white envy is always somewhere close to us, and often to ourselves.You must be able to distinguish one from the other, and not to succumb to the black envy.If you are jealous, that I envy, and better and does not envy, it is better to take another top without looking at the others.