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Dark circles under the eyes: Causes


If you have no health problems, but there are still quite often the dark circles under the eyes, then it is worth considering what the cause of these circles.

This may serve as a lack of vitamin C, so you need to drink vitamins and try to eat more citrus.The cause of dark circles can be smoking, because smoking constricts blood vessels, the skin is enriched with oxygen is bad, and what caused these circles.

Because eye fatigue when long sitting at the computer or television, then in the morning appear swollen and blue.It is necessary to give your eyes a rest intervals.It can also be caused by chronic sleep deprivation.

Sometimes dark circles arise from allergies, which can cause: dust, pollen, pet dander, poplar fluff, some food.Quite often bruising under the eyes occur in the neural effects of stress overload.At that point, it slows down the process of separation of toxins and the skin does not get in plenty of oxygen and moisture.

Another reason for the appearance of dark circles under

the eyes - it is heredity and age.For example, if a very thin skin around the eyes in any of your family, it can be passed on genetically.And, as we know well through the thin skin of translucent vessels and veins, which is manifested in the form of dark spots under the eyes.With regard to age, we become older, the fat layer becomes thinner, which leads again to the lumen of the blood vessels and causes dark circles.

Women need to know that circles and puffiness can be caused by the menstrual cycle.During this period, the hormones become active, facial skin is pale, become more visible dark circles.Most of the women in the menstrual cycle are experiencing the loss of iron.Swelling of the face makes it more noticeable bags under the eyes.

also dark circles may appear on wrong selected cosmetics from prolonged sun exposure.

Other reasons for which may be formed dark circles

eyelid edema contributes to the appearance of dark spots under the eyes.This may be caused by a side effect of drugs, excessive salt and acute receiving food, metabolic disorders in the body fluid, blood, blood vessels pouring their extension.

If puffiness, dark blue circles under the eyes are long, then it is necessary to consult a doctor.Often it is a warning about the disease, of any of the internal organs.It is a harbinger of incipient disease, or inflammation.Circles under the eyes can be a symptom of chronic diseases that can not be other manifestations.

It can be expressed in people with diseased kidneys.Under eye bags are observed mainly in the morning.In people with the disease of the pancreas, it is a pain, changes in the structure of the skin, a manifestation of colored pigment spots.Also, this may indicate disease bot - the presence of worms in the body.This disease manifests bloating, periodic pain.Now in the world of modern technology and progress, mainly in young people determine the diagnosis - chronic fatigue syndrome.In addition to the puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, the main symptoms include fatigue, insomnia at night daytime sleepiness, inattention, even sometimes a physical pain.Also, the dark circles under the eyes can be formed for metabolic disorders.This is caused by malnutrition, when the body is not getting the right nutrients vitamins (D, C and B group).This is mainly due to starvation, weight loss and diet.

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