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Skin care neck and neck


skin of the neck and decollete - very thin and vulnerable creatures.Therefore, demanding early, specific and accurate care.And if one need only pick up the ladies caregiver means for others may need a series of treatments.On the skin of the neck affects a number of factors:

• Heredity and susceptibility of the organism to the gradual maturing and aging.Sometimes it happens that women in old age the neck of a young girl, while young girls are already visible deep wrinkles.

• Unbalanced diet and experiments with weight.Fast weight loss and reverse weight gain stretches the skin of the neck, that without surgery (plastic) is unable to return to their former size.

• Curvature of the spine and slouching in addition to the folds on the neck, and lead to the formation of double chin.

• Environmental factors: changes in temperature, chapping, solar activity.

Sadly, the first signs of skin aging neck and décolleté are already noticeable 25 years.The thing is thin neck fibers, which are difficult t

o exercise.That is why, speaking of taking care of the neck, the emphasis is not on the muscles, and maintaining skin elasticity.Typically, beauticians, returning youth zones neck and neck, working with therapists and specialists in various spa treatments.This trio has developed rules that are available to every woman: a special cream for the neck and contrasting pouring water jet massage.And then - the questions of life, style, habits and overcoming stereotypes.

Firstly, if you notice the problem areas on the neck, do not try to hide them behind a high necked clothing, scarves or more tiers of beads.From this skin ceases to breathe and instantly loses its tone.

Second, discipline yourself and your family members sleep on the low cushions or low.It would be beneficial for the spine.

Third, do not hard to massage the neck and hold her tight massage.This leads to problems with the thyroid gland and skin vulnerable to dehydration.Use only gentle stroking, Clap movement or soft water jet.

Sometimes there are issues and on the application of the cream.Like, why can not one cream and lubricate the face and neck, and the area above the breast?The thing is the difference between types of places.For example, the face - combined, neck - dry, cleavage - normal.It is much more efficient and safer to share at least a face cream and cream for the neck.Moreover, cosmetic companies produce for the delicate skin of the area light and quickly absorbed emulsion, lotion, gel, and other delicate foods.But for deep moisturizing quite suitable conventional homemade mask of oatmeal with olive, almond or apricot oil;Air protein mixed with honey;bought masks and gommazhi with antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, mineral or vitamin E. Cabin Wizard to quickly restore the skin of the neck offer drug cocktails or special injections.

see the results in a couple of weeks gymnastics guarantee and fitness instructors who have developed a light exercise:

• Pulling the chin up and hold under the account;

• The circular movements of the head with the neck muscle tension;

• Contouring air chin letters or numbers;

• bombast and slow air outlet.

Tips and secrets

female secret as much as the women themselves.Who else cares and protects your sweet neck:

• Olive oil - the best moisture for normal to dry skin of the neck.But for oily and problem skin neck and neck olive oil will not work - it clogs the pores.

• Dairy products, but rather wraps them: milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, ayran.They may be added to the vegetable oil.

• Tonics juice vegetables and fruit - freshly squeezed rubbing compounds.Suit cucumber, raspberry, peach, carrot, orange, kiwi.

• decoction of herbs - chamomile, lime, mint, sage, birch buds.

• compress dough or fresh potatoes.Apply as a scarf wrapped with 15 minutes.

Products correctors

Products correctors help out for a short time and restore tired skin:

1. Gel lift.

2. Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Cream.

3. Firming Gel with proteins.

4. Oil bust.

5. Modelling cream and cream that stimulates cell renewal.

6. emulsion to increase the density of the skin.

keep their secrets, caring for the skin of the neck and decollete.Let these eye-catching surrounding area only for its enchanting views and gentle velvet skin.