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Revitalization hyaluronic acid

It is worth considering the use of revitalization if you noticed symptoms, such as dry skin and a significant loss of its elasticity, the change of facial contours, the appearance of facial wrinkles of different depths, the appearance of double chin.

Underlying revitalization procedures originally used the characteristic properties of hyaluronic acid.This substance is involved in the recovery of the skin and its catalyst rejuvenation.The fact that the acid helps retain moisture in order to maintain the desired skin tone and prevent various folds, as well as under the influence of hyaluronic acid in the deep layers of the skin cells, fibroblasts begin to produce collagen and elastin, which are necessary to maintain the so-called skin"frame."

to the human body hyaluronic acid is very important.Its role - to retain water in the skin of the person to give and maintain the shape of the eyeballs, to maintain the elasticity of the ligaments and joints, and so on.Hyaluronic acid is almost the same structure i

n all living organisms, is an integral part of their tissues and represents a chain of polysaccharides.Drugs, of which it is part, are used to treat various medical fields such as orthopedics, urology, ophthalmology and others.

hyaluronic acid practically does not penetrate the skin barrier, because to include it in the cream is impractical.Until recently it was introduced into the organism by means of injections.Now the revitalization of hyaluronic acid thanks to modern technology can be carried out using a laser or ultrasound.Light and sound waves due to the high frequency vibrations allow the drugs enter the human body without damaging the skin.

The laser can also be used for another type of procedure revitalization.The essence of its use is that the laser beam penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin (without disturbing its integrity), destroys the old collagen fibers, thereby stimulating the production of new ones.Update fibers, instead of extending the life of older, is more effective.Furthermore, this procedure does not require any pain medication and is non-traumatic.And the complications of its use are extremely rare.

Depending on how serious the breach of the skin, must be made from 6 to 12 treatments revitalizing hyaluronic acid.As a rule, their positive effect is visible almost immediately.

There is another quite popular form of skin rejuvenation, called biorevitalization.It is an introduction of hyaluronic acid in the deep layers of the skin.For the procedure oxygen biorevitalisation uses a special, special way of a formula developed by the low molecular weight hyaluronic acid.

With modern technology it became possible to separate hyaluronic acid molecules so that they freely fall into the intercellular space of skin.

procedure represents oxygen biorevitalisation following steps:

Using the oxygen pressure in the injected skin serum hyaluronic acid, wherein the pressure of oxygen affects the hyaluronic acid molecule and fragments thereof can easily penetrate the skin and the desired layers embedded in the structure of the intercellular skinmatrix recorded there.Consequently, the concentration of hyaluronic acid in the extracellular space is greatly increased, because it can attach itself to a considerable amount of water (even exceeding many times its own volume).This will result in increased production of collagen in the body, wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, strengthening of local skin immunity.

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