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Cosmetology: why not squeeze pimples

Today internet is full of not only tips and recipes of alternative medicine to eliminate pimples and blackheads, but the techniques and methods of how to get rid of various rashes on the skin quickly.That is - the method of extrusion.Argue that enough alcohol, cotton and ... beauty of your skin is in your hands.We can not agree with the expediency and justification of such acts and in the article "Cosmetology: why not squeeze pimples" explain why they can not resort to such a procedure (even in sanitary conditions) and what it can be dangerous.

Why pimples and acne can not be squeezed out?

first reason - a contagious infection:

Squeezing pimples at home, you can not be absolutely sure that the infection will not get into the wound.Can you imagine what will follow?Not only is the site of infection is not healed, it will begin to fester, and more.The question is whether you can handle yourself with this complication.You may need to seek medical help from professionals.

second reason - the com

plication of the picture:

Even if you have successfully managed to squeeze a pimple or acne, spending disinfection at the proper level, it will not save you from the appearance of new foci of inflammation.In addition, violation of the integrity skin artificial walls entails the formation of sebaceous plugs on the other areas of the skin.This is reminiscent of the tale of the Serpent Dragon - bran one head, in its place will grow two.

third reason - scars:

residual stains, scars and acne scars are the most common consequences after independent "operations" on the face and unwanted interference.Scars will heal much more than the time it takes you to completely cleanse the skin and its focused maintenance.Even if you are lucky and the skin is not a scar, the trace after the remote pimple will also heal much longer.

fourth reason - pain and other unpleasant consequences:

largest acne and pimples, even with a light touch them, delivering painful.It would seem that being on the surface of the skin, and they suggest themselves to be ripped off.But just think how painful is the process of extrusion.Furthermore, if the inflammation is formed in a deeper layer of the skin on the site of the wound will be a new spot, which looks much worse than the previous.When it was a minor inflammation of the skin, at the site of the eel appears crust, clearly evident.And you are very mistaken if you think that, unlike acne or acne, it is easier to give in disguise.

fifth reason - cosmetic defect:

follows after extrusion will, in any case, regardless of the fact that you passed the scars, scars and skin infection, how harmless your case and how bravely you have had painful procedures.As mentioned, this may be a crust (the best) on the lesion or the formation of new pimples.And what a beauty then to do?

disguise a patch of skin with makeup, as a rule, much more difficult.Moreover, many cosmetic products are contraindicated.Unacceptable some proofreaders, powder, tonal basis.This is due to the fact that the particles of these products can lead to infection of the skin, because the wound is now open, so most susceptible to infection.When interacting with the damaged skin cosmetics begins to swell and respond irritation.

So as you could see, squeeze pimples inappropriate.As they say, do not run ahead of the engine, so as not to disappoint myself and others laugh.If you have an urgent need to get rid of the rash in the shortest possible time, it is best to use professional tools instantaneous - Beauty spots, believe me, he knows how to cure!Most of them have been proven to provide the necessary action.

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