What attracts men to women

Very much like men, when a girl shows interest in them, and it is readily demonstrates.But it is important "golden mean", because you do not need a bad reputation.Some women, instead of coquetry and light flirting prefer to disguise his sympathy with the help of aggression.Ridiculed the guys in the presence of friends in common, talk overwhelming tone.This behavior is unlikely to attract a man to a woman.

All men are attracted to soft and gentle girl with a twinkle in his eye, yet they call it a twist.Another problem lies in the fact that men tend to avoid overly obsessive fans, but at the same time, most of them never take the first step without being sure that they have at least a small chance.And yet, that men are attracted to women in the exterior.

hairstyle should look as natural, and not only to attract the male gaze, but also a desire to walk on your arm hair.Even men like it when your hair fragrant light flavor.When choosing hair color, consult with a stylist, because fundamental chang

es are not always for the better.

not put in your hands too bulky bracelets, rings on both hands should be no more than four.You can come off on the earrings, they can be large, round or elongated, and approach to clothing.Most importantly all the decorations in the bathroom should be a material of the same genus.

Hands and fingers.
Manicured hands are always attracted to men, just like push groomed.A variety of nail industry allows us to try different images.But do not get too carried away by this, as you know men do not really like too long nails predator, well these "claws" look only music videos.

Belenky pearls.
This is the teeth.Suppose that you would be an iron rule, rinse your teeth after eating.It looks very unattractive woman with slices of lunch or dinner in the teeth, even if they are sparkling white.

Trendy natural makeup is so popular among fashionistas is not in vain.He is considered the most attractive.Men want to see next to a girl with natural beauty, not ornamented doll, which is impossible to kiss, do not stain on her face.

Most men attract light and subtle fragrance that will provoke his desire to get closer to you, and do not keep their distance.

The maximum points should be stylish.Excessive extravagance scare away from you, not only men, but also children.I think the examples with different animals lead is not necessary.Another important point, glasses should you go very carefully about buying this accessory.

more men like that to be loved, and trusted in everything.In controversial matters not get their cries, and a sweet smile and kindness.Top art is considered to be the ability to manipulate men to persuade him to their point of view, so that he did not even notice.Says he is very gentle, kind and helpful, after a while the man himself would believe it and will fully comply with this image.Do not be stingy with compliments, especially when his friends, so you will become attractive for them, even if to this relationship did not develop.Lightweight and compliant girls have always attracted men, eradicating the habit of being rude.

Surely you have your little secrets that you use for a long time.Add to them all the tips in this article, and success is guaranteed.

Yulia Sobolevskaya , especially for www.allwomens.ru