Most trendy Italian brands

Although the official date of birth of Italian fashion (according to historians fashion) is February 25, 1951, when Florence was the fashion show organized by Count Giorgini (Giorgini), this does not mean that before etog Italy had no fashion houses.

One of the oldest is the house of Italian brands Gucci, whose history dates back to 1921.But the true flowering of the house began in 1947, when it was first released bag with bamboo handles, always fashionable and recognizable even today.After that were developed branded suede loafers with metal buckles and branded as narrow striped strong fabric shoulder bag was created for Jackie O Jackie Kennedy (wife of President John F. Kennedy), a silk scarf Flora, who was so fond of wearing a Hollywood actress Grace Kelly, andthe company itself has become one of the first, for the production of luxury goods in the world.And to this day mark GG (the initials of Guccio Gucci, founder of the house) is a branded mark, a symbol of prestige.And going vnogu eventually hou

se Gucci introduced in the market of fashion accessories is not only bags, but also a line of perfume, jewelry, shoes, and even covers for phones.

One of the oldest Italian brands - Prada .Its history began in 1913 with the opening of small shops selling suitcases and leather goods in Milan.Formation of the fashion house started in the 70s when the founder's granddaughter Miuccia Prada took over the company and made a bid for high fashion, releasing in 1985, became a sensational collection of waterproof backpacks, and in 1898 - a collection of clothes ready-to-wear.Currently around the world there are boutiques of Prada, and a bag with the logo is the same choice of the successful woman.

Another fashion house, whose rise to the fashion Olympus began to win the hearts of New Yorkers - House Brion i.It is in this house, in fact, invented the modern concept of men's fashion.Since its inception the brand men's suits from Brioni intended for men of high society (the suit was an official suit of James Bond).And among the clients of the house at different times were such famous personalities as Luciano Pavarotti, George W. Bush, Nelson Mandela, Robert Kennedy and Rudolph Giuliani.Of course, now we have this house and the line of women's clothing, but the house itself is still more focused on men.

But if before the start of World War II, American actresses were not so keen on the work of designer Salvatore Ferragamo, Brioni is a triumph of the house would not be so incredible and stunning.After all, he was the first who came to the US market with its unique works of platform sandals and handmade shoes.In his shoe went many stars of that period.And his daughter and priemnitsa Giovanna in 1959 also launched a clothing line.Now the name of Salvatore Ferragamo is closely related associations not only with exclusive and luxury shoes, but with a line of handbags, glasses, perfumes, silk scarves and clothing for every day.

Against these giants of the fashion industry grow new, younger, but no less prestigious brands.They are very popular with Hollywood stars, so - delighted with them throughout the world.Incredible workaholic Giorgio Arman i created the perfect style and image for the "walking on the red carpet."It produces everything: clothing, footwear, haberdashery, perfumes.And the contract with L'Oreal it has a celebrity perfume line, perfumes and toilet waters Armani.

1978 marked the opening of another company, which soon became a leader in the production of the sexiest, emphasizing every curve of the female figure, dresses - Versace .Its founder was a fashion designer Gianni Versace, who was killed in 1997.When the company was at the head of his sister Donatella, among the brands of the house appeared a line of men's clothing, clothes for everyday life, accessories, home furnishings and even LUXURY.Besides this company has its own luxury hotel on the Australian coast.But the most popular brand product this company for many years - sunglasses Versace.

Lace, black corset, leopard underwear - these symbols of fetishism Dolce & amp; Gabbana literally blew up the world of fashion in the late '80s.The main characteristic features and outfits from this house - a mixture of not only materials, but also styles, techniques, even eras.At the same time, all their outfits always reflect the true Italian elegance.In 1993, for Madonna's Girlie Show Tour was done in 1500 for the costumes in the record time of two months, with the majority of the costumes were designed and decorated by hand.Every year, the company is also to the public about thirteen collections.And it is not only women's and men's clothes, but also all kinds of accessories, glasses, perfumes, jewelry.

fashion house Braccialini , grew up, in fact, from a small creative studio where create bags covered with bright and colorful embroidery and floral appliqués on the current line is a manufacturer of women's accessories: purses, gloves, watches, footwear, eyewear,bags.It was under this brand name in the fashion world includes a wide variety of bags and non-traditional forms - in the form of fish, phones, buses, cars.

Corporate and unchanged for decades style Santoni - creation and painting by hand their shoes luxury.And just a year in sales comes not more than 700 pairs of shoes of the brand.Although this area of ​​interest of the company does not end there.Today, they do not only produce high quality shoes, and purses, belts, handbags and other leather products.

incredible and sophistication of Italian masters today is a symbol of good taste.Italy conquered not only the world's catwalks, she won our hearts with you, becoming a trendsetter at the level of (and in some places above) in Paris.Here they are, the best Italian fashion brands.