Fashion swimwear Summer 2015: overview of current models

Fashion swimwear 2015: models and styles

Talking about the actual swimsuits 2015, we can confidently say that this season the fashion swimwear is totally democratic.You can buy a solid swimsuit with cut-out neck or, conversely, bikini, consisting of three small triangles.Swimsuit can be a skirt or be a set of elongated stamp and pants.It all depends on your preference!

famous French designer Louis Rare did not even know that his "child" - bikini become the best selling swimsuit model of all time.But back in 1946, he could not be found among the mannequins in Paris who want to go on the podium in such a shocking outfit.But today, in a bikini beauties flooded the beaches all over the world.This summer, a tiny swimsuit in trend.Of particular concern will be the model with bright variegated colors.

also popular this season will retromotivy so-called glamor of Cannes.In the summer of 2015 ladies can safely choose white twin models, as well as solid swimsuits in red and blue stripes.If we talk about

vintage bathing suits, the first models with high panties and lifami-collars.But please note that bathing suits in vintage style will certainly need an appropriate beach shoes.In the summer of 2015 for this purpose will approach braided sandals on a high platform and clogs in retrostile.

Summer fashion trends in 2015 - more romantic than sports.Welcome bright swimsuits separate different styles: gangs, bikini model lifami push-up, tankini.

As for One Piece Swimsuits, then they also display in 2015.Especially important will look fused models with deep neckline and cutouts.

Fashion swimwear Summer 2015: topical colors and prints

next summer fashion will be both plain swimwear and swimsuits with prints.Become popular prints depicting the strange plants, birds of paradise and exotic fruits.As for the floral motifs, the field is not welcome buttercups and daisies, and the noble roses and tulips.

Background to choose the most cheerful color: sky blue, red or zolotistyy.Konechno, we did not forget to mention that the subject of Africa, animals, geometric patterns and abstract patterns will also attend this summer in fashion swimwear prints.Still remain relevant models in wide and narrow strip.

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