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Excessive loss of hair, eyebrows, eyelashes

Hair loss - a natural process, as well as their growth, experts say.But nobody wants to give up once with his thick hair!Is it possible to safely treat this situation as a natural process?

Stress and your hair

between strong feelings and hair loss there is a direct relationship, which was revealed by scientists engaged in serious research in this field.If you often feel nervous or can not easily circumvent the stressful situation, chronic hair loss you provided!

Strong emotions can also lead to early graying, hair diseases, poor health and wrinkles.In this case, you finally decide to take a good rest.

Hair can fall abundantly due to stress.

dandruff and your hair

Dandruff - the main cause of hair loss.It hurts the scalp, hair roots weaken and clog the pores, prevents the skin breath.

reasons of dandruff can be a lot, and the main of them can be determined only expert.In some cases, funds can solve the problem of dandruff, but is more important to find out the true cause of its occurrence.

Medications and your hair, eyebrows and

Sometimes hair falls out in protest against the use of any drugs.It may be contraceptives, contraceptives, antidepressants, blood pressure medicines, steroids, diuretics sredstva.Pered reception drug should consult a specialist, or at least, read the instructions for use.

Many women after pregnancy or to stop making hormones begin to rapidly lose scalp.The thing is that at first these tools make the hair thick, and when they cease to be ingested, the body itself can not "feed" becausehave a certain number of months has been podsazhen doping.

Medication can cause hair loss.

hereditary factor

Quite often blame hereditary hair loss.To cope with her or partially solve the problem can only be a good doctor.Remember that it is not necessary to save money and to handle in the first clinic.

Chemistry and your hair

process of hair coloring and perming curls blow-drying and very often lead to hair loss.If you are tight braids braids, pulls together the hair into a ponytail or wear a wig, it is also harmful for the hair, because any "violence" over them spoil their structure.

But then, if you are so used to dye hair and can not do without it, then buy only expensive, professional hair dye and refer exclusively to the professionals who really afford to make "gentle" staining.

This also applies to loss of eyelashes.Do not skimp on his face, and only buy quality ink in a store with a good reputation, and not going, hurrying to work.

Calcium deficiency

Unfortunately, hair loss is also associated with a lack of calcium in the body.Do not forget about dairy products, especially the cottage cheese, which is so rich in essential substances you.

Visit specialist!

to cope with the problem of hair loss is almost impossible.Gel, shampoo, foam, ink, eyeliner, eyebrow pencils and everything you see every day in the annoying ads on TV - not a panacea for your trouble.It can only help the specialist triholog.Only he can understand the true causes of your hair loss, since it is only a consequence of the underlying processes occurring in the body and most of all - the development of an internal disease.The specialist will conduct a survey and prescribe the correct treatment.

Save your gorgeous hair long and strong hair and your health!

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