Oily skin and care

care for oily skin, it is very difficult to her needs constant care.Oily skin is always present shine and dilated pores.But just oily skin has its advantages.Oily skin is elastic, insensitive, later on it all the wrinkles appear, and she remains young longer.Due to a generous selection of fat on the face creates a protective film that prevents moisture to evaporate thereby blocking the penetration of harmful substances.

You should know that by the age of 30 facial skin becomes oily combination.If you pick up the right care products for oily skin, you can get rid of greasy, narrow down the pores and reduce the tendency to acne.

care for oily skin are recommended using low-fat moisturizer.You can also use, cleaning agents, they are well to the skin, thus not causing sebaceous glands.

To remove the shine from the face, you can use toner containing mineral powder fine grinding.Every day, wipe the skin 2 times a day, this tonic.Also, to remove the shine from the face use friable powder.But before applying
cosmetics wipe your face with a napkin.

To properly cleanse oily skin, use a water-based gel or a special milk.Clean your skin with these funds twice a day.You must achieve a removal of excess fat from the skin.

in the care of oily skin should be toning.Toning oily skin you can use tincture of sage, mint, tysyacheletnika.With these tinctures, you can clean the skin on the face of the remaining dirt and soap.

also very useful to treat skin with a special facial masks out of clay.Face mask of clay will narrow your pores and prevent acne.This mask should be done twice a week.If your facial skin have acne, you should not do exfoliating facials, you can do worse.

recommend wiping oily skin lotion.And also do not forget about good nutrition.Eat more vegetables, fruits and dairy products.For proper care of oily skin it depends entirely on you.

Elena Romanova , especially for www.allwomens.ru