Scorpio woman

Girls scorpions, without a doubt, the most passionate.Their passion has no limits.They can be safely used the epithet "femme fatale", "Mystery Girl", "violent".It merged concepts such as mysticism, intuition, sexuality and passion, and in the most incredible combinations.It attracts the views of others, not necessarily at the same time having a perfect appearance.There in her manner, piercing eyes, his enchanting voice low notes incomprehensible power over people.

basic qualities of character.

Scorpio girl is energetic, beautiful and intelligent.Most men really "go crazy" to communicate (especially close) it.Usually the girl that mark very early beginning to acquire an erotic experience.It is embodied the ideal of those who dream of a novel with "a sultry woman."She is well able to control himself, but knows how to throw all conventions in moments of intimacy, becoming in his madness and frenzy especially beautiful.Her partner will continue to grow in their own eyes, will certainly appreciate it and

never from it will not go away.Women do not leave men scorpions.Moreover, precisely because of these women break a career, the strongest marriages are annulled, since the men are ready again and again to rush into this maelstrom.But her husband, a woman is often a scorpion faithful helper and does everything by pulling it to the summit of success.


in vogue sign scorpion - the legislator style.She spits on the sign of the generally accepted canons of fashion, choosing his direction and putting what it convenient and comfortable.She dresses so that everyone around you can see that she is in the shower.If she fell, her bright red dress will be or just light clothing and, if going through the clothing will prevail blacks.All she often jealous, because she is so easy to dress up!It looks like a real lady.If it is well-known personality, it is intended to set the fashion styles and trends.

Scorpio girl living in the community and to society.Her wardrobe includes lots of little black dresses, chiffon blouses, cashmere sweaters, and bright shiny tops.They also like the warmth and comfort velvet corduroy coats - they put them even on the official meetings.Their favorite material - black and red leather.Scorpios are most popular combination of the original jackets, tight pants and long leather coat and a raincoat.Since they are very sexy, they like to dress provocatively, but tastefully.

life in society.

Scorpio woman is very practical, so it easily can be presented household appliances, any practical and necessary in everyday life or at work thing, tools and appliances, anything from equipment and appliances for the kitchen or bathroom, as well as various fixtures.But we must not forget that all scorpions - maximalists.Believe me, they intuitively determine exactly how much money you decide to spend on them, how high do you evaluate them.

Since childhood, all the girls scorpions do not feel such as everything is not always understand the reason for this difference.Not immediately appear in their close friends, as the scorpions of them satisfied the real test of loyalty and integrity.But when the test stand, the scorpion would be the best, a real, true and able to sacrifice another.If close contact, when the girl scorpion disclosed, it may be vulnerable, emotional, show concern and understanding.The older woman of the mark, the more harmonious it becomes manifest fiery nature.It becomes wiser and gentler, it is not only unconsciously begin to love.But as a person and respect.It gives her more confidence in their abilities.

Scorpions - nature is very secretive, they never share with her companions matters of the heart.In love affairs, they primarily appreciate the essence, not the external manifestations.Here, too, plays a role thoughtfulness of their character and desire for deeper understanding of life processes.Love for Scorpio woman is not at all fun.This is akin to the process of purification and transformation of passion into something more perfect and eternal.These feelings, in fact, able to make it a miracle, help her to discard complexes and fears.Gradually passing one by one all the stages of his love, she suffers incredibly, although hardly anyone will open in this.


operability scorpion limitless career for the representatives of this sign is extremely important in life.They never have the pleasure of a low position and a small salary, they will necessarily look for new opportunities to move higher.Even if the sign of the zodiac girl young and inexperienced, she safely got involved in the fight for a place under the sun career along with more experienced staff.And it really will soon be seek advice, it often succeeds in more than anyone else.

In life many times a situation in which the woman's ability to manifest scorpion manipulate people.Somewhere in this step is really appropriate and, moreover, is the only true, that can only make the representative of that mark.Although sometimes it may be regarded as too heavy-handed intervention in the lives of ordinary people against their will.

Scorpio woman is always independent, for everything has its own personal opinion, and it often happens that this view is sharply different from the general.She often vozmutitelnitsey calm interested in occult knowledge, learn magic and mystical practice.Do others often formed an opinion about it, as incomprehensible and strange person.

Home and Family.

Women scorpions appreciate the warm welcome in their home is always clean, all furnished with taste.Any cleaning for her is a pleasure.She loves to clean every corner, but if you stumble on something that suspects her husband of infidelity, jealousy, it does not know borders.There can appear and its despotic and sarcastic, and the whole strength of her fiery nature.