How to choose jewelry zodiac sign

Aries - is confident people are very impulsive, always being on the move.They tend to have expensive jewelry, with great pleasure to show them around.If we talk about the rings, the ring Aries prefer a simple form of white metal with a "modest" diamond.If we talk about decorating in the neck, then it should be a necklace, which is studded with precious stones or suspension with a large stone of unusual shape.The stones of this sign - is the amethyst, diamond, sapphire.From inexpensive stones malachite is the best choice.

Taurus - this is an Earth sign of the Zodiac, its representatives are not lured by cheap imitations, they choose a decent jewelry.As a decoration on the neck Taurus is very suitable "wrap" of the precious metal, decorated with different stones.Taurus draws a contrast combination of several stones in a single decoration.Taurus also fit necklace of beads form a large red-pink palette.It is preferable stones green and blue - is emerald, sapphire, agate, blue topaz, malachite.Jewelle

ry should be small and delicate.

Twins - the people of this zodiac sign like movement, restless, with frequently changing tastes.Representatives of this sign prefer inexpensive jewelry, but with the original design."Heavy" Ornaments: beads with large beads, the abundance of precious stones - all this is not for the twins.They would rather thin gold chain with a medallion, which is hidden something important.From gemstones Twins well suited agate, emerald, pearls, beryl.

Cancer - representatives of this zodiac sign are characterized by tranquility, romance, original.For them suitable unusual decorations that do not meet the traditional decoration.It may be, for example, beads of ivory.Cancers metal alloys are well suited silver.Among the gems should be preferred onyx, ruby, emerald.In general, cancer is the only sign of the zodiac, whose representatives can wear any jewelry.

Leo - representatives of this sign - is the leaders who appreciate jewelry noble origin and originality.Give preference to expensive, large and original form of jewelry.The most suitable decoration on the neck - it's a long gold chain with a pendant or necklace of dark and white rectangular stones.Lions are very fond of jewelry that they were inherited.For this sign is well suited stones bright sunny colors - amber, alexandrite, tiger's eye.

Virgin - hard-working, practical, prefer expensive and luxurious decoration modest decorations, but with especially pleasant for them to part.Can be used in the decoration of religious symbols: the cross or the scapular.When choosing jewelry Virgos should be preferred stones - sapphire, jasper, carnelian.

Scales - is a dual sign of the zodiac, and this is reflected in the choice of jewelry representatives of this sign.They love all over harmony prefer jewelery with an even number of stones.Libra is best suitable decoration in the form of an elegant medallion necklace of bright translucent beads, or beads from pearls.Stones Libra - a beryl, opal, diamond.

Scorpio - representatives of this sign prefer classical motifs in jewelry, but with a modern edge, must be present in the decoration of a symbol of unification.Therefore, the Scorpion perfect all kinds of chains, rings of complex shape, the details of which form an intricate pattern.They prefer to work in gold, silver and black.From gemstones to them most suitable beryl and topaz.

Sagittarius - people who were born under this constellation, cheap suit and discreet decoration on the neck.For example, the beads in one thread or a graceful suspension.Sagittarius should avoid motley necklaces, colorful stones.And in the hands of Sagittarians are choosing the opposite major decoration, often rings, seals.If there is a stone in the ring, it must be framed in delicate paws.This sign is suitable ruby, sapphire, topaz.

Capricorns when choosing jewelry should focus on stones.This may be a rare crystal or some unusual natural gem.The shiny metal jewelry must be combined with overflow gems.People born under the sign of Capricorn, do not be mistaken, if will give their preference such as the stones - garnet, opal, hyacinth.

Aquarius - freedom, are practical people.Prefer to wear jewelry - family heirlooms, they are not interested in the cost decorations, most importantly, that it belonged to their ancestors.Also Aquarians prefer multifunctional jewelry such as pendant - a watch or a ring with a clock.They are like the stones that change color depending on the temperature or lighting.Aquarius suitable decorations made of rock crystal, sapphire, turquoise.

Fish - it's mysterious and sensitive people by nature.They are well suited ornaments made with a maritime theme, the ring-like shell beads from large pearls.Representatives of this sign should be avoided stones with sharp contours of the cut, it is better to choose the stones in the form of drops.Pisces should be preferred aquamarine, jasper, chrysolite.

Of course, all of the above - this is only a small recommendation when choosing jewelry.But first we must listen to their wishes, decoration should be happy, bring pleasure to the person who wears it.Now that you know how to choose jewelry zodiac sign it plays a big role.

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