The Power of Intention, how to realize their dreams and desires

Brian Tracy wrote: You - a living magnet.You attract into your life that match your dominant thoughts.Some believe their dreams and desires a waste of time, the illusions that prevent live.Such people believe that their lives can not change anything.They tend to think that in reality does not succeed, wealth, happiness, and therefore prefer to simply not have the desire not to suffer.But this is fundamentally wrong.Dreams and desires - a kind of stimulus to action, the goal to which you aspire.If people did not dream we would never have appeared such works of art as the music of Bach, your favorite movies, famous works of architecture and painting.A man would never have climbed into the sky and not visited in space, if not dreamed of making it difficult to achieve.From this conclusion: do not be afraid to dream.But remember that not all desires are acceptable.Only if your will does not bring harm to others, or you yourself, it is worthy to try to fulfill it, in addition, you need the power of intentio

n to bring everything into reality.

has long been proven that everything in the world is made of energy.And it is known, is not going anywhere and is not taken out of nowhere - just transformed from one form to another.The man at first glance is a solid.But if you talk about the finer matter - our emotions, thoughts and feelings, that is what makes us human, - it turns out that a person is made up of energy vibrations.Thus each emotion has its own frequency, which is higher than the pleasurable feelings we experience.Thus, if we proceed from the fact that everything in the world is energy in one form or another, it appears that our thoughts, so - desires material.For their implementation need to use the power of intention, how to realize their dreams and desires, and to succeed, you know right now.

believed that opposites attract.But in reality, all processes in the universe based on the law of attraction.This means that everything in the world attracts like.

You might think: "Excellent.So if now everything is bad, then further it will only get worse.Just beautiful".But do not jump to conclusions.We promised to teach you to fulfill your desires.To do this, not so much - to learn to control your thoughts and feelings.

This is very important because, according to the law of attraction, you attract into your life circumstances, where a huge role played by the power of intention, which vibrate at a frequency yourself.That is, feeling certain emotions, you are attracting what makes you experience them.This means that by holding an emotional note wealth or love, we get from the material world is love and wealth.And vice versa - experiencing negative emotions, you make the situation only worse.

Imagine that the universe - it is the genie who speaks the language of emotions.He does not understand the words, but only the feelings that you are experiencing.And one of your desires - to get rich.But if you think this is only about what you have low wages, the genie sees it this way: "She wants to be poor."And everything in life gets worse and worse.But if you learn to enjoy what you already have, and thank the universe for what you possess now, it will repay you the same - and you get what you wish.

It is important to keep in mind that negative emotions in any case can not be suppressed.They need to change those, which correspond to higher frequency vibrations.This will help you yoga, dance, sports - everything from what you experience joy and satisfaction.By changing the frequency of their feelings, you will attract in life good luck and happiness, so - your desires will be fulfilled.

Learn to think positively.To do this, eliminate from your vocabulary the phrase "I will not work", "I can not."Try to replace even a word in his thoughts, which carry a negative connotation, those that have a positive emotional.

Also, do not be afraid to do what, do you think that will take you to fulfill your dream, because no one knows the only correct way how to realize their dreams and desires.Do not be afraid of mistakes, if you really want something - the universe will give you the chance to do it.The errors will only further experience in your life.

As you can see, for fulfillment of wishes need not so much - just let yourself dream, you have to set a goal to which you aspire, to listen to their emotions and think positively.Simple enough, right?Now you know what lies the success of power projects as well as to realize their dreams and desires and to be a successful person.You may think that it does not really work.But just try it and you will see how soon your life will change for the better!

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