Independent divination for love at home

Today, there are so many ways related to the self-divination at home.These various literature, the Internet, and even stories of our grandmothers and mothers.But still, what a way to choose it to be harmless and the most truthful?I think that in this article you will find it out for yourself.

We begin immediately, with the most important - the timing for this process.The most successful period is considered to be Christmas Eve, that is the night of 6 January 7, or the Christmas holidays from 6 to 19 January.It was during this period of time, even for a long time, decided to guess at their future betrothed-Costumed girls who are not yet married.

As for divination, when its implementation can use a variety of items: wax candles, cards, a mirror, a wedding ring, plain paper, and more.These items were used in order to predict the fate back in the old days when it was the usual guessing fun for young girls.Also, women have always paid their attention to the signs sent them over.For example, the dreams, the

behavior of animals, even and odd numbers, or the amount of any knick-knacks, various forms of reflection, or the outlines and other.To this all unmarried girls were treated very kind and serious.Of course, we do not advise to watch every change around you, just turn to the most traditional and proven methods of divination love as old and modern.

Several ways to tell fortunes and see our future.

Independent divination love directly to the usual home, is necessarily carried out after sunset or very night.Pre itself is psychologically adjust to this: it is necessary to believe only in the good, do not think about the bad, just to set a goal that you want and most importantly, relax and have nothing to fear.Here the main thing - it's confidence.

So, let's look a few ways.We begin with a very well-known on the mirror divination .Take two identical in size mirror and put them to one another.Near the front of one of them put two candles and light them.Candles must be installed to separate two glasses or glasses.The second mirror take in hand and stand so you can see the reflection of the first mirror and candles.This repeats: "narrowing-disguised, come to me for dinner."In the reflection of the mirror you'll have to see who will become your second half.

Guessing on wax

It came to us again from our grandparents.Take the wax and melt it, and pour into a small saucer of milk and put on the threshold of the front door of the apartment.Then he said these words: "Brownie, my master, come under the threshold to drink milk and eat the wax."Then add this to the milk melted wax.If the wax in milk turned figure, resembling a flower - it means that you will soon find love and can even marry.Acquired shape resembling the silhouette of man - expect great love with a new man, a star - expect success in all your undertakings, especially in the study.

A long-standing and proven method of divination on wax.

Guessing on books

is considered the most romantic way of divination for love.It is that you should make a any number of pages in any book, and the result of the fall, and will be your fate.It is best to use this divination popular women's novels about love and relationships.Also, you can just ask myself some questions and concerns, and then to think of the same number of pages, books, and plus to all, any line above or below.Look at it and try to get out of this answer to you question.

Guessing on needles

You need many pine branches, about enough to cover the entire floor of the room.Closing his eyes, take at random one of the branches, and then carefully look closely to it.If it is completely covered bark, then your lover will be flexible and kind person, if the bark is rough - it will be financially secure, no crust says insolvency financially youth.The rough bark means that you will meet a very reliable guy, who you always and at any moment you can rely on.This divination at home the main thing - your imagination and imagination.

Another popular fortune-telling is considered divination walnut shell

in one half-shell nuts Insert a small candle (it is desirable that it does not turn over the shell, this is the best way, if you otrezhesh little piece of candle).Then lower the "boat" in a vessel filled with water.The candle will burn faster, the faster you should not expect that you will marry.

Describes how to tell fortunes and see the distant or near future

Guessing on the sheet of paper with a name identical

shall cut small pieces of paper and write on each of them a male name (can the candidates for narrowing or completely unknown guys).Place these pieces, turning them so that was not visible name written in pot with water and closed his eyes, pull any of them.Having got your name and to wear your next choice.

And another divination, which can be safely attributed to the category of contemporary.It guessing on the radio or on television. About myself Ask a question on love theme or some his dream, and then turn the radio or TV and the first thing you hear or see and be your answer.

And finally, the debate on self-guessing on her spouse at home is to say that not everything is taken literally, because divination - is, first of all, the usual entertainment, sharpen its focus on it is not worth it.Always remember that our happiness is always up to us, in other words: "We are blacksmiths of his happiness."The main thing is to go with confidence and assertiveness to his dream.

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