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What does the symbol of feng shui elephant?

mascot elephant in feng shui

Elephant in the science of Feng Shui is considered to be one of the most friendly animals.The symbol of the elephant stands for reliability and stability.For example, feng shui experts say that the elephant through its long trunk can draw prosperity to the house where he was raised.

Usually mascot elephant is put on the windowsill.At the same time his trunk should be directed to the street.Then he would like to draw good luck to your home.However, you can put an elephant and so that his trunk was looking inside.In this case, it is logical to assume that your house has already visited luck.

the way, the statue of the elephant perfectly neutralize the unfavorable energy, which creates available in the room corners.

In principle, the figure of an elephant can be placed anywhere in the apartment.But, ideally, should be an elephant in the north-west or south-eastern block of the house.It is in this position it will give strong support to the head of the family, bring to th

e house of the patron.

If you decide to put the house figurine of an elephant, we must first determine the material from which it is made.This can be a bone, ceramics, and bronze.A good mascot can become soft toys and rubber elephant.

Activate mascot

elephant - one of the most powerful talismans feng shui, almost do not require additional activation.Yet appease him, thereby increasing the power, you can.For example, the elephant loves various ornaments.So do not be lazy to figure decorate it with beads.If possible, hang on the neck of an elephant or even silver gold chain.In that case, if you were limited to a picture of an elephant, decorate her beads (as a material suitable cypress, amber, sandalwood).But in any case do not "giving" the elephant ornaments made of ivory.Talisman can just get out of yourself, seeing what was done to his relatives, and in a rage begins to take revenge personally to you, and everyone who lives in the house.

Legend of elephant

Elephant in the East has long been considered a symbol of longevity and extreme moderation.This is understandable.In the wild, an elephant lives of seventy to one hundred years.Indian elephants live a little less - about sixty years.Moreover, as the scientists say, elephants do not die of old age.Cause of death - starvation.Old elephant loses his teeth, and he just gets nothing to chew food.

If we talk about Chinese art, there is the elephant does not appear too often.However, it means a lot to the Chinese, it is always the elephant is strength and wisdom.

Buddhists believe an elephant sacred animal and the main treasure.For example, stone elephants guarding the tombs of the Ming Dynasty, is worshiped childless women.They ask the elephants to help them have a baby.

during the Greco-Roman Empire elephants were an emblem of wisdom.It was believed that they belong to the planet Mercury.Thus, the Roman writer and philosopher Pliny wrote that the elephant - it is a religious animal, and worshiped the stars and the sun.It was believed that during the new moon, the elephants come to the river to bathe.At this time they talk to the heavens and purify the soul.

ancient Romans associated the elephant with a victory, longevity and good health.It was a kind of symbol of the defeated death.

Several centuries later, the Roman idea of ​​the elephants took over Christians.Since then, the elephant has become a symbol of the victory of Jesus over death.

elephant Medieval Europe (as well as the unicorn) considered fictional animals that can be found only in fairy tales.Look closely at the pictures, made in medieval times.You will see that the elephants have only those paintings, which depict paradise.Later, when we started the Crusades, an elephant appeared on the arms.With regard to the present day, the elephant takes pride of place in psychology.This is the embodiment of kindness, wisdom.

Professional Advice Feng Shui

Once a master of feng shui came to help the man.He complained that his wife is too wasteful.For this reason, they have many years can not save up for really needed in the house, but it is very expensive things.Then the master advised him to purchase an elephant mascot.The wife liked the gift.She admired the statuette, talked to her.As a result, its nature has changed for the better.He became more stable.The woman stopped spending money right and left.Instead, she suggested to her husband to save money.My husband was delighted this proposal, and since then a quarrel in their family ceased.

What do the seven elephants?

One elephant - it was good.But seven elephants have far greater strength and magical significance.Why seven - you ask?It can probably be satisfied and two elephants.

number seven is often found not only in various magical books, but also in life.For example, in the ancient world there was the doctrine of the seven metals.From school, we know that there are seven planets that can be seen without a telescope.These planets, no matter how many centuries have passed, do not change its trajectory.They all revolve at the same orbit.Do not change the distance between them.That is why the number seven is considered to be magical.There are seven Chinese gods of good luck.Examples related to the number seven, can lead to infinity.And certainly you yourself can remember many of them.So if you invite into your home seven small elephants, they will bring you happiness, love, prosperity, luck and health.Finally I want to say: no matter what kind of mascot you choose, most importantly, from which will depend on the result - it is your faith in him.