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said that a man in any case should not trust your hair Swifts strange woman.There is a legend, according to which all people used to have hair instead of cosmic energy beams.However, having made the fall, the Rays broke the close relationship and the sky, weakened and fell and turned into hair.As long as a person is not lifted up again, the hair remains the only link between their vehicle and the cosmos.According to the legend or not, everyone decides for himself.

However, no one would argue that after visiting a barber's hair is getting better and keep a beautiful form, and in the case of a visit to the other transformed into a shapeless heap of color.And not only the professionalism of the hairdresser.Moon, affecting all life processes on Earth, in a certain way and affects the appearance and growth of hair.Therefore, in recent years not only women - clients, but also all the hairdressers, pay attention to the lunar calendar of hairstyles.

moon passes in its orbit, enters into a relationship with ot

her celestial bodies.They affect each other forces of attraction and energy fields.Therefore, one of the main factors considered in the preparation of the lunar calendar, is finding the Moon in any sign of the zodiac.The effect of these interactions of celestial bodies extends not only to cut hair, but also to plants, and actions of people, strictly speaking, all living organisms.Therefore, there are general principles of interpretation of results, depending on the position of the moon.

Calendar haircut on the lunar calendar.

So, if you want to speed up the mouth of hair, then cut them only when necessary to a growing moon of the lunar calendar, up to the full moon.If the goal is to strengthen the roots of the hair, preventing their excessive losses, then a visit to the hairdresser is to plan for the time waning moon.Haircuts made these days, keep their shape for a long time, because the hair will grow more slowly.Particular attention should be paid to the days when the moon changes its phase (9, 15, 23, 29 lunar day), at the new moon, and on the days of the solar and lunar eclipses.At this time, astrologers in any case do not advise to go for a haircut.

If we consider the immediate entry of the Moon into the zone of the zodiac sign, haircuts on the calendar, it is possible to determine the most successful days for performing certain manipulations with his hair.If

Luna interacts with the sign Fish , in these days, any action on the hair is likely to lead to increased dryness of the scalp and dandruff.

At position of the Moon in Scorpio energy field greatly affects the changes in his personal life, calendar haircut is better to use.So depending on the emotional state of his visit to the hairdresser can lead to an improvement and a deterioration of relations with people and persons of the opposite sex.Risk complicate their lives because of the haircuts these days is unlikely to be justified.

When the moon affects the sign of Cancer , her energy field is unstable.Just looks and hairstyle, made these days.It is difficult to packing, even ate you just washed my head.

Zodiac Aquarius , entering into interaction with the Moon, breaks the connection with the cosmos.At this time the haircut could face hair loss, up to baldness.This is a very dangerous time for manipulations with the hair.

If the Moon is in the air signs Gemini and Libra , the haircuts, made at a time have a special volume.Hair does not change their status, but grow much faster.

While Luna talks with the sign of Sagittarius , your arrows as accurately can get to the desired goal.Pruning at this time just the lucky ticket for the execution of your plans and promotions.Establishing cosmic connection with Sagittarius, you get a successful career change and improve the relationship with your business partners or colleagues.

If the Moon affects the sign of Leo , then this period is favorable in the case when you want to change the style and pace of their lives.However, if the case and the course of life is quite satisfied and there is no need for change, from haircuts on such days should be abandoned.The only advantage we can assume only that the "lion's mane" gives the beauty and splendor of your hair, making them particularly smooth and silky.

Moon in Aries quite strongly influences the immune system, causing it to weaken.Therefore, a haircut during this period is very undesirable.Despite the fact that the condition of the hair has not changed much, risking the protective forces of the organism does not make sense.

most favorable periods to perform haircuts are located in the points of passage of the moon through the signs Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn .Hair after these haircuts almost whipped, they look good and grow.They do not damage the coloring and perming, but best of all this a few days under the influence of Virgo.


There is also the distribution of a successful time for a visit to the hairdresser by day of week.

very good day for any actions master Monday and Saturday .These days, with cropped hair man leave all the negative emotions and fatigue.

Tuesday not only allows you to purchase a new hairstyle, and new vitality.

Wednesday adds life shorn changes entail travel and conducive to new acquaintances.

Haircut in Thursday bring its popular owner, good luck will turn face and a chance to establish a shaky relationship with the people.

Friday , as the day of the week, has practically no effect on life after the haircut or the condition of the hair.It should only take into account the influence of the moon and zodiac signs.

only day on which haircuts and visits to the hairdresser is not recommended at all - this Sunday.It is assumed that at this time shorn hair rob good luck and well-being taken away from the lines of life.

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