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The value of the fan in feng shui

As for Feng Shui, in this doctrine the fan attach great importance.Veer is considered one of the best amulets.So, if you decorate the house fan, he would bring home the beneficial energy.

value in feng shui fan

Fan - a talisman of eternal life.According to legend, Zhong Lioan (this was in the days of ancient China) fan could raise the dead.And the fan became so popular because it is an erotic symbol.

once, in the old days it was considered the fan symbol for high society.So if you decide to decorate the house fan, hang it in the zone, which is responsible for the fame (south side).It is advisable to choose this fan, which will depicts a peacock or an eagle.

Health strengthen the fan, which is displayed spruce or cedar.Such a fan is better to hang in the Eastern bloc.To attract money to buy a fan fish.Great, if you can find a fan with a shoal of fish.

the way, the fan can be stimulated areas where stagnant energy.For example, you feel that in a recreation area a little friendly energy.Hang fan fa

r away from the bed - and the situation is corrected.But in no case do not hang a fan above the bed, otherwise the risk to earn insomnia.

If you want more power in the office, hang a fan behind.Note that it should hang at an angle of forty-five degrees, and fan must be deployed up.

necessary to increase the positive energy in any room?It's very easy.Hang the fan on the wall.Its direction must match the desired direction of energy flows.

As for the color fan of feng shui, it can be any.The size is selected for a specific room.If the room is small, the fan must also not be very large.A large room is well accustomed big fan.In general, a large fan (if it is placed in a small room) will only bring trouble and throwing.A small fan will not work in a large room.

color, as mentioned above, choose any.It all depends on taste.The main thing is to select the color you like, aesthetically pleasing, relaxing you (if it is required) or, on the contrary, gave energy.

If you hang a red fan directly opposite the front door, he will attract good luck into the house.Well, the area relationship can be decorated with golden fan.It is desirable that it were shown paired figures (ducks, mandarin or dogs).However, any other suitable pair.For the same sector perfect fan with a picture of the character of happiness.

Activate amulet

Activate amulet in the form of a fan is very simple.Its effect would be much stronger if you use the fan to the destination, that is to fan them.Each wave of fans will attract positive energy.

If your home already has a fan, perform a simple experiment.Few poobmahivaytes them.After a few minutes you will feel a surge of strength.

By the way, in China say that the fan - a mascot talisman.And they say that it is a symbol in the symbol.This is due to the fact that the fan can draw any mascot.For example, a turtle, dragon, ducks ... If your house hangs a fan, it will bring a double benefit.

If you have not been able to find a fan with the image that you need to draw a second mascot themselves or cut it out and glue.The power of the talisman of this does not become less.

Legend of the fan

In Chinese mythology says that the fan brought to land a powerful and imperious goddess of wind - Nemiza.One day she came down from the sky to the ground and saw a lot of people suffer.Then her heart was filled with pity for the people.To help them, she decided to give them your own magic fan.Since then, every person who needs help, he could wave a fan, and thus create a breeze.So he could ask for help from the goddess of wind Nemizy.

history fan

feng shui experts know little different story fan.In the second millennium BC in China the rules of Emperor Wu-Wan.That's when it appeared the first fan.However, he then called a little differently - fan.Later there were less fans - round, with a long handle.Then, these fans have spread in Japan.

In the tenth century in China were compact folding fan.While they have become used as a decoration and as strong talismans.And these fans invented in Japan in the seventh century.The basis of the fans were thin plates, carved from bone or tortoise shell.It was also fan out of the tree.The plates are connected by a paper, cloth or parchment.Most often it used silk.

By the way, Japanese fan and still believe the main attribute of their clothes.Initially, fans were used exclusively by men.Even the soldiers tried to hang on a belt (close to weapons) fan.Subsequently, the fan began to apply in order to transmit signals to each other.

the beginning of the tenth century, the fan has become an integral part of the life of aristocrats.Fans are now made from bamboo.Bamboo sticks joined paper of high density.Then, each fan painted by hand.For murals apply only mascara.

To the fan was not only a simple attribute, but also a beautiful decoration, its painted flowers, animals, birds, landscapes.When painting followed the golden rule: all the pictures on the fan must only carry positive energy.

So, summing up.The value of the fan in the philosophy of feng shui is very large - it is a very powerful talisman.It is used if you are experiencing a shortage of fertile energy.In addition, it helps to cope with depressed mood and loss of strength.