The most famous of the world chiromantists

So, before we look at the most famous chiromantists world, let's find a common understanding of the definition of 'palmistry' and its emergence as an individual method of divination by the hand of man.

Palmistry, the basic concept .

Palmistry (from the Greek - the hand, divination, prophecy) - this is the old and ancient system of divination related to the individual characteristics of a person, the main features of his character, past and future, as determined by skin relief palm.In palmistry pays great attention to the capillary, and especially human flexor palm lines, as well as individual mounds and the general appearance of the hand.

History of origin palmistry

The concept of "palmistry" originated in ancient times.Most used palmistry Hindus, Chaldeans, Greeks, Romans, Jews and Chinese.Palmistry its peak had 16 - 17th centuries.At the time when many universities have opened special Department of palmistry.Most of them are there in Germany.

Most scientific papers related to palmistry, was w

ritten in the 12th century.In these studies, it was the study of the skin of the human hand.In 1686 Malpighi famous scientist in his scientific treatise described all patterns are in the incense and fingers of man.And the most famous scientists at the time - a Czech and an American Purkinje Wydler in the 19th century became one of the most famous explorers of palmistry worldwide.

terms of scientific psychology palmistry openly refuted.But, despite this, a detailed study of the fingers and the patterns that they are, formed the basis of a new science called dermatoglyphics.That's the term offered the most famous at the time, scientists and Middle Kaminson.

Palmistry is a science of the world, which is composed of four levels

It is a mistake to think that palmistry is only limited to the study of the human hand.Cheiromancy itself constitutes one part of the whole study the appearance of the palm, which includes four levels.All four of these levels are very closely connected to each other and each of them becomes a separate neotemnym link for later.Thus, four levels of palmistry:

- first level: includes fundamental and start building.At this level, being the identification of pathologies that are read from the hand of man;

- the second and third level: These levels include the common forms of the arms and the lines that are in the palm;

- level four: palmistry itself directly.This level includes divination itself along the lines of the hand and fingers.

And so it looks the most famous four levels, which are inseparably underlie a common concept of "palmistry".

W namenitye chiromantists , whose names have long history associated with this science .Opens

our list of "world famous chiromantists" Irish palmist and fortune teller Louis Hamon (real name William John Warner, also known as the Hare or Hiro).Haman is considered one of the most famous chiromantists world.Palmist Born November 1, 1866 in Dublin (Ireland).Louis Hamon even from an early age became interested in palmistry.Over time, he has made tremendous progress in this industry.Its services are used by many famous people of the time.For example, Nicholas II, who predicted the death of Hamon's family.Palmist repeatedly predicted the fate of Oscar Wilde, the life of King George the Fourth, and even painful death of Grigori Rasputin, and the collapse of the luck in the life of Mark Twain, and more.In addition to classes palmistry, Haman wrote many books that have survived to the present day.The most famous of them: "The language of the hand" and "You and your hand."In addition, the world saw a palmist memoirs, in which he repeatedly referred to the fact that their ability to predict it passed chiromantists India, which led to the famous palmist while Indian Brahman.That Brahman taught Lewis Hamon using ancient books on palmistry.

Vladimir Finogeev considered the first Russian chiromancer.Palmist Born April 2, 1953.Palmistry has been more than twenty years.The peak of its popularity in the industry Finogeev felt the 90 years of the 20th century.Vladimir began its activities on their own, working as a translator in Tanzania, where there was a great library.That's where the future palmist and studied this craft.His first scientific reports of Moscow State University were: "The general theory of the future prediction mechanism" and "The passage of time by hand."Currently Vladimir Finogeev released a huge number of books, articles and materials on palmistry.

Another no less famous French palmist Adolf de Baroll .Palmist Born August 22, 1801 in Paris (France).The huge popularity of the book got famous under his authorship.This "hands Secrets" (1859) and "Reveletes Kompletes."These books collected valuable information about the signs hands and their relationship to health of the person.

also no less famous chiromantists has 20 centuries in his list include the American chiropractor and author of the famous book, a practical guide on palmistry "legitimate scientific hand readingĀ» William Benhamou , Indian palmist SK Sen , several representatives of the worldpalmistry, natives of America Noel Zhakuini , Fittsgerberta Andrew, Peter West , as well as English predictor Charlotte Wolfe and less well-known in France palmist John Saint Germain .

chiromantists All these have made a huge contribution to the development and establishment of this science.Their books, scientific papers and treatises are very popular all over the world among the followers of the predictions of the palm of the hand.Therefore, we can safely say that thanks to these famous palmist, this branch of knowledge about the "human hand" is alive and well to this day.

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