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High quality essential oils

What determines the quality of essential oils

quality essential oils depends primarily on the method of preparation thereof.The highest quality oils are obtained by distillation using steam.With this method of producing oils are extracted essences contained in roots, leaves, wood and so on. The essential oils contained in citrus fruits, prepared in a solvent extraction.But even the most high-quality oils have a small percentage of the solvent.It is up to the correctness of the process of production of essential oils depends directly their quality.For example, if the essential oils of citrus fruits are a byproduct of the production of juice centrifuge method, it turns essential oil of low quality, containing impurities and it spoils quickly.The quality of the oil obtained by cold pressing the peel, much higher than the previous one and is more expensive.

How to choose a high-quality and natural essential oils

most important indicator of the quality of essential oils is their price.In these oils

the retail price in shops must be higher than when buying online.Basically, essential oils, which are sold in local stores, the products are purchased abroad, and we are filled by oil bottles.

second indicator influencing the choice of essential oils is the ratio for certain types of oil prices from a single vendor.The initial price of the products is approximately the same at all.For example, oils of geranium, ylang and others. Should be more expensive than tea tree or an orange.Even more expensive are the essential oils of sandalwood, chamomile.

following indication for choosing a quality essential oil - this clearance of goods.The label must be present: the inscription 100% artifisches, 100% pure and 100% essential oil (the Latin name of plants).The bottle must be of dark glass - natural oils are sensitive to light.The vial should be 2 to 5 ml and expensive oils is 10 mL, the dispenser must be present.Also on the label should be: the shelf life, the company manufacturer, storage conditions and so forth.

to select high-quality essential oils need to listen "to their own nose."When buying oil plant that is familiar to you - to determine the "nose", like any flavor at a particular plant, try to determine whether there is no oil or alcohol artificial inclusions.Always slightly modified natural aroma.Immediately evaporate light notes from a sharp and fresh smell becomes more tart.Then gradually appear heavier flavor notes.Synthetic fragrance, unlike natural essential oils will weaken.When choosing an essential oil for the first time, it is difficult to identify such nuances.You can carry out a special test.Take the three sheets of paper, each drip same essential oil, but with a delay of half an hour.From each leaf has come a different flavor.

next factor, on which you can select the quality essential oil - this is another test.Requires the paper to evaluate the quality of the oil by means of spots.Put a drop of oil on the paper.If the essential oil quality, the stain is completely evaporate, leaving no trace.If the stain is left on the paper, the oil comprises synthetic flavors that are separated in a fatty oil.But there are natural and high-quality oil that leave light oily spots on the paper.This is frankincense, myrrh and sandalwood.

better to buy a couple of bottles of high-quality essential oils than cheap synthetics.Choosing the essential oil is needed for which you want to achieve.Quality and natural essential oils should be in appropriate packaging and the price is not low.

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