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Dough chebureks

Recipe Crimean Tatars

you ever wondered why some owners pasties obtained air and juicy, while others - ugly dry meat pies?This ancient Crimean Tatar dish has a lot of their secrets, and if you happen to visit in the Crimea and see how to prepare the dough for chebureks indigenous people, the prices will not be such an experience!For those who could not spy on the Crimean Hostess, we have prepared this wonderful recipe.

dough with vodka

Necessary ingredients:

  • flour - 650 g
  • egg - 1 pc
  • water - 350 ml
  • vodka - 30 ml
  • sunflower oil - 30 ml
  • salt - 0.5 h. Liter.

dough recipe with vodka

Method of preparation:

  1. water mix in a large pan with sunflower oil, salt dissolved in it and put on a plate.
  2. Bring water to a boil and pour a thin stream to the flour (2/3 of the total), stirring constantly (as in the preparation of bechamel sauce).The resulting lumps immediately try to break, but if the addition of flour do not work, Stir the mixture until smooth after.
  3. When the flour swell and lumps disappear, remove the pan from the heat
    and set aside to cool.
  4. The warm mass, add the remaining flour and knead the dough is crumbly.
  5. Divide the egg mixture into the loose and start to knead in three approaches pouring vodka.As a result, you should have tight elastic dough.
  6. Put the mass in a plastic bag and place in refrigerator for an hour.If time is suffering, it is better to leave it there for 10-12 hours, but for a while it is obliged to hold in the refrigerator (at least an hour).

Tip: watch out for, so that before adding the egg mass was warm, not goryachevatoy otherwise protein will fold immediately and spoil the tasty dough chebureks.

dough for pasties with bubbles

many housewives favorite recipe Cheburechnaya test.At first glance, it is the most that neither is an ordinary, but we will tell you a little trick through which during roasting appear small beautiful bubbles.

chebureks dough with bubbles

Necessary ingredients:

  • flour - 600 grams
  • warm water - 300 ml
  • sugar - 1 ch. L.
  • salt - 1 ch. L.
  • fat (pork, chicken) - 80 g

fat can be replaced lard, margarine and sunflower oil.

Method of preparation:

  1. sugar and salt to a teaspoon without slides dissolve in warm water.
  2. Sift the flour into the water until a consistency of thick cream.
  3. fat or sunflower oil in a separate container to heat and immediately pour the batter, quickly mix it with a spoon.It contributes to the appearance of the boiling fat bubbles during frying.
  4. Add the remaining amount of the flour and knead the dough elastic elastic chebureks.

dough recipe with bubbles

After mixing, you can immediately begin modeling - to withstand such Cheburechnaya the dough in the refrigerator is not necessary.Fry is better in a lot of oil, periodically replacing it with a brand new clean portion, with burnt flour to not spoil the appearance of chebureks.

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