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Allergy to poplar fluff

Some statistics

Information about the ailment, to date, is subject to considerable chastzhiteley our planet.Every fourth person is experiencing discomfort sprihodom warm summer season.However, some anticipation zharkiedenki, open wide the windows, thus creating a draft and recalling posleny malaise caused down.

Yet most people really prone allergiina puh.Tak poplar, the first symptoms of the disease manifest themselves in adolescence, vperiod from 12 to 16 years, the second period when the disease begins to sebeznat about this period from 30 to 35 years.Unfortunately, if this simptomproyavilsya, then cope with them will be difficult, given zabolevanieostanetsya with a person for life.And because at the very first priznakahproyavleniya allergic reaction should immediately resort to pomoschimeditsinskih workers who help make the proper in vashemsluchae, scheme of prevention and treatment of the disease.Remember, let this situatsiyuna drift, you can earn big problems concerning your zdorovya.Esli

allergy treatment is not carried out for a long time, pneumonia mozhetpereyti in serious diseases - bronchitis, sinusitis, pneumonia, etc..

How raspoznatallergiyu from ordinarycolds?

distinguish a cold from above dovolnoprosto inflammation.Keep in mind that a cold lasts about a week.Well, if there are signs of zheallergicheskie long enough, at least, bolsheodnoy weeks or occur periodically every month or a year, then this should be a good situatsiivam think about what happens to your body.

But you should be aware that the very allergiyuvyzyvaet not poplar fluff and pollen, spores and dust, this vremyagoda blooming plants.Know that they cause inflammation and razdrazheniyaslizistoy shell, not the white and soft fluff.In the spring awakening irastsvetayut deciduous and coniferous trees and grasses.In summer poyavlyayutsyasornye plants.All this provokes a nuisance as allergies.

all people who start coughing and chihota in letniyperiod, doctors strongly advised to immediately seek help vmeditsinskie institutions without trying to start their own treatment silami.Vrach allergist can certainly help you to choose the right course of treatment.

Avoiding allergiina poplar fluff

best option for you - leave the place gdeproizrastayut poplars.If this is not possible, toluchshe just survive this time, following the advice of health professionals, will help you spend kotoryeobyazatelno allergy medication at the appropriate level.

Doctors strongly recommend to go out like mozhnorezhe, especially if the weather is rainy or dry.On arrival home postaraytessrazu also take a shower and change clothes.Keep windows closed in the house constantly, vdannom case it is better to use air conditioning.Also excellent yield izetogo situation is to install windows on special protective screens that do not allow the fine particles to penetrate irritating pomescheniya.Na stroller is best to install the mosquito net and air conditioning in the car polzovatsyaisklyuchitelno.

Traditional recipes practicing lechenieallergii fluff

  1. Bedtime do lekarstvennyekompressy infusion of cornflower blue, putting a drug naglaza.You must fill in 250 ml of water above the plant flowers (1 tbsp. L.). This infusion should be kept about 25 minutes, after which ottseditzavarku through cheesecloth.
  2. can also cook mummy -special solution.Dissolve the active drug (1 g) with 1 liter of warm vody.Prinimat received the drug should be once per day.A single dose - 100 ml.The course of treatment should be kept for 20 days.
  3. According to folk methods prekrasnodeystvuet the following method: for 2 or 3 years, instead of taking tea ikofe decoction of the series.

Remember that during an exacerbation of the disease sleduetpriderzhivatsya diet, giving up chocolate, eggs, fruits, red vegetables imoreproduktov.

If your doctor found that allergicheskuyureaktsiyu provoke grains, then in that case it is better to abandon Hercules, kvass, coffee, cocoa, smoked sausage and baked goods.

seeds, halvah, sunflower oil, watermelon, cantaloupe, mayonnaise igorchitsu should be excluded from the diet is if you nablyudaetsyanegativnaya reaction to pollen of weeds.

reaction to bacteria and fungal spores - not to use vpischu yeast dough, sauerkraut, cheese, fructose, kvass, xylitol, sugar isorbit.

In an extreme case, to accelerate the healing process of the body ipritupleniya sensitivity you have to resort to pomoschiantigistaminnyh drugs that help to hold treatment of allergy to poplar fluff vmaksimalno short time.

most popular drugs today are: suprastin, diphenhydramine, ebastine, loratadine, cetirizine, Kestin and others.

If seasonal rhinitis and conjunctivitis steel vaspostoyannym phenomenon, it is best to carry out prevention of inflammation.tak already a few weeks before the start of next season, "poplar pores" start applying drops and sprays, as part of which there kromoglitsievayakislota.After such prophylaxis your body, no doubt, get better, and you, in turn, defeat the nasty disease!