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How to get rid perleches on the lips?

Zayed called small cracks formed in the corner of the mouth, at the junction of the upper and lower lips.Dannoezabolevanie certainly not among the serious, but also not nesets is nothing pleasant, both in terms of feelings, both in terms of appearance estetiki.Prichinoy perleches can be an allergic reaction or a vitamin deficiency.

The disease most often occurs as a side effektinyh diseases.The mechanism of the following: a diseased organizmoslabevaet its protective functions are also becoming less effective at foneetogo germs and bacteria that are present in the mouth man nachinayutproyavlyatsya in the form of inflammation in the corner of his mouth.

Zayed may occur as an adult, so irebenka.The disease begins in an easy manner, at this stage in order chtobypredotvratit the disease sufficiently ensure that porazhennyyuchastok not weather-beaten, especially in the cold season.For smyagcheniyapovrezhdennogo area at an early stage of disease development and predotvrascheniyadalneyshego cracking suff

iciently lubricate it with petroleum jelly or gigienicheskoypomadoy.

Variety Zayed (bacterial, fungal)

determine the cause of perleches possible on vneshnemuvidu.There are several events variantovrazvitiya first - if the ulcer is covered with purulent blood crust, hence the reason for its occurrence and the further development of steel bacteria (streptococci or stafilokkok).Second - this is if the plague is bright red glossy wound with a light touch, in which case the cause eёvozniknoveniya are fungi.

perleches In the event, the first thing you should do etoosmotret it, in order to identify the cause will affect its appearance, fungi or bacteria.It is necessary to choose the right method of treatment.

If it turns out that Zayed is fungal in nature, for eёlecheniya will need to apply ointments such as nystatin or levorinovoy if zhezaeda is a bacterial type to treat it is necessary to use the ointment containing antibiotics such as methyluracyl or levomikolevaya.

Treatment perleches

Note that in order to get rid of perleches necessary complex treatment, which can last from one to neskolkihnedel.

essence of complex treatment is that the techeniidnya after eating, lubricate the wound with a drying substance has iprizhigayuschim action, such as brilliant green.A half an hour before a meal and an hour dotogo you go to bed to lubricate the wound ointment suitable for the type lecheniyaopredelennogo perleches bacterial or fungal.

For the treatment of this disease takzheyavlyayutsya very effective means of traditional medicine, such as rinsing and lotions.Mouthwashes contribute izbavleniyumikrobov and bacteria.When used for rinsing Zayed tincture of sushennoykory oak tincture made at a ratio of 1 teaspoon to 400 mlohlazhdennoy bark boiled water, insist the solution within 8 hours.Takzheeffektivnym rinses is the infusion of the roots of calamus.

as a bactericidal agent for caustic-zaedeispolzuyut tea tree oil, which can be purchased in pharmacies punktah.Sleduet consider that the use of tea tree oil should be strictly for consistency with the instructions attached to it.Also as podsushivayuschegosredstva can use St. John's wort oil and svezheesorvannym aloe leaves.

In the event that the home is not possible to cure'll pick for 7-10 days, or if the treatment provides only a temporary effect, after which the Zayed reappears, contact your doctor.The fact that, as already mentioned above, the disease is only pobochnymeffektom other disturbances in the body, most often related to zabolevaniemzheludochno-intestinal tract, able to determine that only a physician through tests and test results.

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