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Hormonal disorder hypothyroidism

problem society

Obesity is a very common problem in nashemobschestve.Fat people are often embarrassed to show up in the community, ihdvizheniya shackled, they are less active than thin.Weight gain occurs over and over reason, and depends largely on otgeneticheskoy, psychological, social and economic environment.

physical culture and sports, various diets are not vsegdapomogayut those who want to lose weight.The cause of excess weight can bytzabolevanie thyroid, since this small but ochenvazhny authority delivers opredelennyenepriyatnosti, in particular, and weight gain.

Millions of people worldwide suffer from hypothyroidism.This condition, harakterizuyuscheesyaanomalno low production of thyroid hormones.Schitovidnoyzhelezy hormone affects growth, development and cellular processes that are unpleasant posledstviyadlya body.Hormonal failure triggers weight gain despite nanizkokaloriynuyu diet and exercise all kinds.

What happens and why?

said that the disease is always easier to preven

t than lechit.No hypothyroidism - is one of the few diseases that has hidden formu.Chasche susceptible to this disease, women, especially older than 60 years, due to the nature of hormonal funktsionirovaniyaorganizma.Hypothyroidism leads to disruption of the normal balance in the body himicheskihreaktsy.It rarely produces symptoms in its early stages, but the coincidence of time, hypothyroidism can cause a number of health problems, obesity vchastnosti.Sometimes the symptoms blamed on fatigue, stress or depression, premenstrual syndrome.How takayamalenkaya iron can have a negative impact on the entire human body?

Doctors say that hypothyroidism znachitelnouvelichivaet running the risk of increasing cholesterol and occurrence razlichnyhzabolevany and hormonal changes in the body.

cause of hypothyroidism, when the cells in the thyroid gland nemogut produce enough thyroid hormone, vbolshinstve cases are autoimmune diseases, where the immune system is affected, zaschischayuschayaorganizm from invading infection.It is more common in women than in men.

Autoimmune diseases mogutnachatsya suddenly;surgical removal of all or part of the thyroid gland ililuchevaya therapy.

presence of iodine is a very important element for thyroid podderzhaniyapravilnoy work.The presence of iodine is of great importance in pravilnomobmene substances occurring in the human body.It promotes pravilnomufunktsionirovaniyu glands and hence overall hormonal background, and activates the metabolism and stimulate weight loss.

According to the advice of nutritionists, are always on our table dolzhnyprisutstvovat dishes contain enough iodine.It vsevozmozhnyerybnye products, seaweed, carrots, beets, lettuce and spinach.In prigotovleniipischi you should use iodized salt.

If you have to recover, while not zloupotreblyayapirozhnymi or other flour products, you have depression, memory loss, fatigue, constipation, muscle pain, joint pain - consult a specialist! One reason for this condition can be a disease hypothyroidism.Svoevremennaya medical care is a must.Consultation endokrinologai full survey will help establish a diagnosis and early treatment.Low hemoglobin and reduced serdechnogoritma can also cause the disease.

Hidden disease

Statistics show that one in four patsientkapodverzhena hidden nature of this hormonal disease.Sleduetotmetit that the results of blood tests do not always provide vozmozhnostpravilno diagnosing thyroid disease.Modern endokrinologidlya establishing hypothyroidism sovetuyutpriderzhivatsya strict 28-day diet, which provides only 800-1000kalory day.If such a restriction in food and certain fizicheskoynagruzke, a slight reduction in weight, it is possible to draw conclusions about nedostatochnoyaktivnosti thyroid.Only in this case, doctors may naznachitpatsientam drugs that replace the hormones that are not produced schitovidnoyzhelezoy.Treatment consists of a daily pill levothyroxine (thyroxine).Most people feel much better soon poslenachala treatment.Ideally, tablet should be taken on an empty stomach.This is because chtonekotorye foods rich in calcium or iron, may face pogloscheniemlevotiroksina from the intestine.For the same reason, should not be taken simultaneously with tabletkilevotiroksina tablets containing calcium or iron.

If you are diagnosed with hypothyroidism, be prepared ktomu hormones will be your "companion" for life.Primeneniyatakih drugs does not cause drastic weight loss.It's a long process, which time patients need to follow a diet and regularly zanimatsyafizkulturoy and sports.Treatment of hormone illness can last for months.

With increasing weight as a result of hypothyroidism, neobhodimonayti the root cause and fix it.Today, homeopathy is widely used attraction of this disease, without side effects.Hormonal changes is a fairly complicated and unpleasant changes in the body.These halatnootnositsya impossible!

timely check with the experts and zanimaytessamolecheniem that can no longer cause harm to your body, nezhelipolzy.Be always active, cheerful and let your health you do not podvoditnikogda!

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