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The causes of pain during menstruation

What prichinyboleznennyh monthly ?

pain during menstruation - is algomenoreya, which is 2-htipov: primary, secondary.Algomenoreya called primary funktsionalnoy.Ona is not related to anatomical abnormalities of internal genitals.Algomenoreyavtorichnaya nekotoryhginekologicheskih is a symptom of diseases (chlamydia, endometriosis, developmental defects organovmochepolovoy system, chronic inflammation of the appendages).

What prichinypervichnoy dysmenorrhea ?

In most cases, primary dysmenorrhea occurs vperiod puberty when hormones unstable.The main prichinoyetogo disease is an increase in the level of hormones.Painful menstruatsiidannogo genus can be divided into two groups: the parasympathetic iadrenergicheskaya.

parasympathetic group associated with an increase vspinnomozgovoy liquid level of the hormone serotonin.In this case, mogutvozniknut: diarrhea, swelling of the face, decrease in body temperature.Sometimes voznikaetpribavka weight shortly before the start of menstruation.

Adrenergic group associated with an increase urovnyaadrenalina, dopamine and norepinephrine.It is characterized by a state of golovnoybolyu, fever, constipation.The skin becomes pale, and cyanotic ladonyahzachastuyu that is due to the delayed passage of melkimsosudam blood.

also cause primary dysmenorrhea may include: disorders of sexual functions, soedinitelnyhtkaney malformations, vascular disorders.

Such pain during menstruation diagnosed and lechatsyaginekologom and endocrinologist.Required for pain during menstruation, accompanied by the above symptoms, you need to see a gynecologist.

What prichinyvtorichnoy dysmenorrhea ?

In most cases, secondary dysmenorrhea uzhenschin occurs after 30 years.Due to the fact that the causes of pathological character, bolipri menstruation can be quite intense with soputstvuyuschiminedomoganiyami until the disability.

most common cause of secondary dysmenorrhea yavlyaetsyanaruzhny and internal endometriosis.Pain during menstruation are aching in nature imogut last 2-3 days.Endometriosis itself is rasprostranennymzabolevaniem.If left untreated, it can develop a variety of hronicheskiebolezni flesh to infertility.

secondary dysmenorrhea is diagnosed without any zatrudneniy.Prichina painful menstruation and ultrasound tests revealed.Slow to visit kginekologu impossible.Appoint a specialist therapeutic or hirurgicheskoelechenie.

a specialist should be consulted if there are silnyenedomoganiya during menstruation.There are 3 degrees of symptoms of pain during menstruation.This pain is moderate, accompanied by minor common ailments.Efficiency at this woman is not broken.But you should know that this form of dysmenorrhea, if not returned to the gynecologist, can develop into a more severe form, which svyazanas duration of disease states and the strengthening of ailments.

second degree is characterized by severe pain in the abdomen nizhneychasti, general weakness, nausea, headaches, chills.When etomzhenschina often experiences feelings of anxiety, irritability.Can razvitsyadepressiya.Some women have an increased appetite neperenosimostopredelennyh odors, insomnia.Often, simply can not do medicineless drugs.

third degree proyavlyaetsyasilneyshimi painful menstruation pain not only in the abdomen, and lower back, fever, severe headaches, pronounced weakness.Also, there are: diarrhea, tachycardia, fainting.In such cases, a woman can not do anything and dazheobezbolivayuschie drugs do not help.In such cases, women just do not medlyanuzhno to see a specialist, since in most cases the data simptomyproyavlyayutsya due to abnormalities of internal genitals.

Any pain during menstruation are associated with some narusheniyamiv body, so to see a specialist, you will save yourself from vozmozhnyhsereznyh diseases.