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How to protect yourself from losing weight "yo-yo effect"?

1. Give yourself some time

enthusiasm and joy kotoryeispytyvaet man after the goal, it's hard to describe.Not speshiteprazdnovat successful getting rid of excess kilograms and over load sverhmery.Going from diet to a normal diet should at the very vremenisootvetstvovat dlitelnostidiety.This means that the calories should be increased gradually.

2. Drink clean water

matter how trite it may sound, the water is the best of the cheap and healthy drinks, donated to us by nature.Almost every diet there is a recommendation to drink more vody.Prodolzhayte stay the same drinking regimen and after leaving the diet ipoteri weight.Among the mineral waters choose those that are rich in magnesium.Onistanut an additional source of energy and help to control their emotions.To impart flavor to water can dobavitnemnogo lemon or orange juice.In no case pokupaytearomatizirovannye water, which contains sugar in an excess.

3. Continue to have the so-called voloknistuyupischu (fiber)

It is usually lower

in calories but rich in vitamins and mineralnyhveschestv.Products soderzhaschiepischevye fiber acting as a kind of "peeling" of the intestine.Vpityvayav its water, dietary fibers swell in the stomach and creates a feeling of fullness.They improve digestion and promote the timely bowel cleansing.

4. Eshteregulyarno

This rule should be followed every day.The best option - to develop for themselves a circadian rhythm in which the food will be taken nebolshimiportsiyami 5 times a day, every 3 hours.This is strictly not recommended to change the hours meal.

5. Be aware of physical activity

can not play sports occasionally.Physical activity dolzhnabyt later one of the most important points of the daily routine.But even if this is not possible, it is impossible otkazyvatsyaot exercise entirely.As an incentive remember how weight loss workout vremyaaktivnogo positive effect on your health and mood.

6. Use Body cosmetics

not neglect the means that contribute to the disappearance of tselyulitai preservation of elasticity of the skin.They dolzhnyi more actively used.Also on the condition of the skin will positively affect imassazh, healing effect of which will strengthen the special sponges and gloves.

7. Pamper yourself from time to time with sweets

But give preference to high-quality products made from wheat flour with the addition of tselnyhzlakov, nuts.Thus it is better to as the main products ingredientaetih sweet honey was used instead of sugar.

8. Do not stop to weigh and measure svoiparametry

This will take full control of the situation and respond quickly if your weight starts again seek to old records.

9. Keep yourself in the hands of

retention of weight after weight loss (when the weight stopped at zhelaemoyotmetke) - the most difficult period.Now the important iron discipline and perfect following raneeustanovlennym regulations regarding healthy eating and physical activity.And though the temptation is too much, sleduetuderzhivatsya from disruption.

10. Make a healthy way of life svoeynormoy

not think constantly about what you something sebeotkazyvaete.Make installation that is a correct life style, because thanks to him, you have good health, beautiful skin and perfect weight.Aveda is to this, and you wanted to.

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