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Bartolini - inflammation of Bartholin's gland

Prichinoyvozniknoveniya such diseases can serve as gonococcus, streptococcus, staphylococcus, Trichomonas vaginalis, E. coli, as well as other viruses.It is worth noting that most bartholinitis identified with all kinds of microorganisms.On maloypolovoy lip, the inner part is the excretory duct.In preddveriivlagalischa this duct opens.If the breast tissue get microbes that serve as the beginning of etomozhet similar disease.Pathogens infektsiichasche penetrate precisely Bartholin gland from the urethra when the urethra or ilivlagalischa coleitis.Most rare cases kogdainfitsirovanie occurs through blood.

Consequently, bartholinitis caused by non-compliance with the basics of personal hygiene, pribesporyadochnyh sexual relations, as well as the presence of HIV in the body infektsiy.Takzhe disease may develop if the body is weakened and exhausted.In podobnyhsluchayah been lowered immunity, stress and beriberi usugublyayutdanny process.It should be noted that the reason can serve ioslozhnennoe state afte

r various surgical interventions.

Classification and symptoms of the disease

Bartholinitis sklinicheskoy side is divided into two forms.The first type can be attributed ostruyuformu, and the second type refers to a chronic form of the disease.

Vtechenie acute form of redness surface small labia, namely in the area of ​​the hole Bartholin gland.This pin protokutolschaetsya and examination palpable, accompanied boleznennymioschuscheniyami.After some time otekzhelezy increases, whereby the flow starts to close.Etotfakt causes the spread of inflammation in the development of iron fabric inachalom bartoltinita.Thus disease, in iron ducts accumulated secret that begins to fester, this phenomenon is called a false iron abscess.The general condition is deteriorating, increased fatigue, there is a constant weakness, temperaturatela total rises to 38 degrees or even higher.It is also characterized by severe pain vrayone external genitalia, in the most inflammatory.Similar bolevyeoschuscheniya may increase during movement, such as walking, as well as protsessesidyachego position.Skin big lips in the genital area nadvospalennoy gland becomes red color and takes edematous formu.Esli in a separate procedure to open an abscess, the general condition improves, the pain dulled, and the temperature begins to drop.

Bartholinitis flowing in the acute form, is caused by the formation of an abscess as false, with the formation of pus, and true.

Bartolinithronicheskoy form has a long flow, and it soputstvuyutperiodicheskie inflammation: an exacerbation, such as colds, or kakposledstvie this illness may also play a role osobyedni menstrual cycle.In addition to the period of exacerbation, bartholinitis nebespokoit can do.Rarely can manifest itself at the moment of sexual acts, kotoryemogut accompanied by pain.Body temperature remains normal iobschee also being at the normal state.Distributed cases where chronic form bartholinitis leads to the emergence and development bolshoyzhelezy cysts in the vagina.People carrying chronic dannogozabolevaniya sometimes feel pain and discomfort when walking, and there are unpleasant sensations during intercourse.There are bolvneshnih of the genital area, namely in the area of ​​the inflamed gland.Bolshayapolovaya lip becomes puffy state increases accordingly.

treatment process

treatment itself, it is necessary to form, based on stadiyuprotekaniya disease.It is worth noting that a similar disease in poyavleniinachinaet progressively develop.Consequently, the appeal to the specialist napozdnem term often leads to surgery.

conservative treatment plan is carried out for izlecheniyakanalikulita being in acute manifestations of the disease.Thus, we can instantly remove the inflammatory process.

used methods:

  • attachment warmers filled with ice, to the site of inflammation;
  • there are therapies that aim to combat inflammatory sites, ie locally - attachment levomekol impregnated tampons, as well as fit and Vishnevsky ointment, ihtiola solution mirovistina, and many others.
  • therapy used to combat bacteria.In this case, depending on the agents, a certain number of selected drugs.Generally, treatment proceeds with antibiotics penicillin origin, e.g. amoxiclav, cephalosporin family, or it may be tsifran or ceftriaxone.Also, it may be a family of drugs imidazoles such as tinidazole or Trichopolum.It should also be noted that any treatment with antibiotics should not exceed more than seven days.
  • commonly used multivitamin.

As for cases where there is the presence of cysts liboprogressivno abscess develops, treatment is possible only with the intervention pomoschyuhirurgicheskogo.

If an abscess, the purulent putemvskrytiya open area, removing the entire contents.The internal cavity obrabatyvayuttrehprotsentnym peroxide solution vodoroda.Posle processing chamber is placed a tube that otkachivaetnovye formation of pus.But five days after the operation eeizvlekayut.Also, in addition to surgery and prescribed antibiotics adlya maintain the body and vitamins.

wound after surgery should be regularly obrabatyvatrastvorom hydrogen peroxide.A cavity of the abscess filled with a swab soaked in the ointment Vishnevsky or levomekol.

surgical approach kizlecheniyu inflamed gland cysts

Outside acute inflammation are treated with surgery kisty.Storona has two forms.In the former case, iron etovvedenie artificial duct for the purpose outflow secretion.In vtoromsluchae, is the removal of Bartholin gland.

After treatments and eliminate vospaleniyavsegda appointed physiotherapy, about a third or fourth day.

Also after the procedure the patient prescribed sexual rest, takkak is likely to infect a partner.The very cause of zabolevaniyavazhno eliminated immediately in order to avoid recurrence bartholinitis.

It is important for patients to observe personal hygiene: vovremyapodmyvatsya (two or three times a day), it is desirable to have the cotton underwear and change periodically pads or tampons.

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