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Proven and effective popular recipes and procedures at a cold and sinus for children and adults

nose badly breathes the child, the mother simply did not find a place, because the baby does not sleep well, he refuses to eat, capricious and suffering.And in the case of sinusitis - it is also a chronic microbial infection in the respiratory tract, do not add the bulk of health and immunity.Sinusitis especially dangerous in infants and school-age children.Difficulty breathing through the nose or mouth breathing shift to a negative impact on the pace of development of the child.The reason - lack of oxygenation of brain cells.Also, a baby often ill respiratory viral infections, as there is no use of a protective barrier when breathing through the nose.Suffer and teeth - at the expense of the source of infection, triggers the development of caries.

Of course, you can use the pharmacy pharmacological agents, but good products costs money and does not always help.And in the case of painful ailments a child - do not want to once again resort to using chemical means.Therefore, the desire to share effectiv
e popular recipes for the treatment of these unpleasant diseases in children from three years old and adults.

At a cold:

infusion of garlic and onions (grade "Kuschёvka" aka "Shallot") on oil.
hold olive oil in a water bath during the boil for 20-30 minutes, cool, add the most shredded garlic and onion in the calculation?head of the desired varieties of onion and 1 clove of garlic for 50-60 ml of oil, to insist 5:00 in a dark cool place (preferably in the refrigerator), strain through cheesecloth disinfected (the pressed on both sides with a hot iron).

Use 3-5 times a day to lubricate the nasal mucosa.Store in a glass sealed container in a dark cool place no more than four weeks.

infusion of green tea.
When a cold is not a cold viral nature (for example, after hypothermia) can and should be drip in a nose a strong infusion of leafy green tea (1 tsp green tea pour 1 cup boiling water and cooled to room temperature).

in each nostril dripping profusely to mucous thoroughly washed with liquid.

Repeat the procedure 2-4 times a day.For each procedure to brew a new batch of brew.

When sinusitis:

root of horseradish and lemon juice.
With several (3-5 pieces, depending on size) are well washed horseradish clean off the top layer, the roots rubbed on a fine grater, mix the juice with the resulting mass.The juice of two lemons medium mixed with 1/4 cup of grated horseradish.

Take half a teaspoon of mixture of 1 times a day, 30 minutes after breakfast.You can drink a few sips of water.

In chronic sinusitis treatment 1 month.

After a three-week break, the course can be repeated.To prevent relapse is recommended to take the mixture in spring and autumn for 2 weeks.For children from three years of treatment 2 weeks, the mixture is given every other day for half a teaspoon.With a break for 4 weeks after the end of the course.

Also do not forget the treatment and prevention of the common cold and sinusitis in children and adults that the hands and feet should always be warm and dry.Effectively and warming the hands and feet in hot water with sea salt and a few drops of eucalyptus, lavender or pine oil (in the absence of an allergic reaction to components oils).

More at mucosal edema shown massage the area between the thumb and forefinger of the hand with a drop of sea buckthorn oil.

Recipes tested on their own experience, and if you stick to the proposed clear instructions from the discomfort caused by nasal congestion and edema of the mucosa, can be eliminated forever.Be healthy and take care of the health of your children!