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Methods for bowel cleansing of toxins without enemas

The cleaning composition

Ocheneffektivnym means that suggests ochischeniekishechnika of toxins without enemas is preparing ochistitelnogosostava that contains senna leaves, figs, dried apricots, raisins.Fruits (250 grams) and leaves senyneobhodimo pour boiling water (up to 300 grams) and zatemnastaivat (2 to 3 hours).After time infusion well nabuhshiefrukty with senna leaves need to twist using myasorubki.Poluchennaya mush should be kept in the refrigerator.Lecheniyadlitsya course of one week.And during the course of treatment every day (but no later than pyatichasov pm) need to eat one tablespoon of this mixture.Nachnetdeystvovat cleaning mixture in 10-12 hours, so be careful, at this time you need to be home.

Fresh juices

cleanses the bowel enemas can bezpomoschi fresh juices (or as they are called Frechet) .Svezhevyzhatye juices are apple, peach and citrus.For odinden need to drink at least two liters of fresh juice.Such sokneobhodimo drink in several stages.In addition to the juice can also

be consumed in pischumineralnuyu non-carbonated water.To maintain normal bowel, dostatochnoprovodit fresh juices and cleaning once per month.

three-day cleaning yablochnymsokom is ideal for cleansing the body from various toxins itoksinov without the help of enemas.Such cleaning should start with odnogostakana making fresh juice at eight o'clock in the morning, after 2 hours it is necessary to obyazatelnovypit two glasses of fresh juice, and then you need to drink only popolovine cup every two hours.But do not forget that posledniystakan fresh juice you need to drink at eight o'clock in the evening.Unforgettable is also important that it is impossible not to eat any food for three days vprotsesse purgation.On the third day vvosem morning you need to drink two glasses of fresh juice, aspustya thirty minutes another 100 grams of a purified or provanskogopodsolnechnogo oil, and then wash it down with a glass of freshly squeezed apple juice, pre-diluted with water.After the three-pass two chasavmeste urine will be allocated ipesok small stones may also go phosphates and urates (greenish liquid).Horoshoprinimat this time warm bath.Then you will feel throughout organizmeneveroyatnuyu ease clean without enemas intestines of toxins and blockages.Spustyaneskolko weeks you can repeat ochischeniekishechnika.But after such a treatment is not nadozloupotreblyat spicy, fried, salty foods, it is necessary to give at least nanekotoroe time from consumption of coffee and alcoholic beverages.

Cleansing bran

Effektivnoeochischenie without bowel enema can be performed by using bran.These otrubinuzhno take in food for one month.In one day, you must sesttolko 6 tablespoons of bran (three times in two tablespoons before meals).Otrubinegazirovannoy wash down with water.Such a process will not only clean your intestines Noi reduce weight.

Cleansing fresh vegetables

zamechatelnymsredstvom also for cleaning the bowel are fresh vegetables.One day neobhodimosedat 2 kilograms of vegetables.Mozhnopotreblyat fresh vegetables separately, but the best effect can be achieved priprigotovlenii five kinds of salad vegetables.It is necessary to fill salads libopodsolnechnym oil or lemon juice (but not add salt).From drinking vratsione present mineral water without gas, and green tea without sugar.

Atonement without klizmtolstogo bowel is best done in autumn.Such cleaning kishechnikamozhno done with vegetable juice: spinach and carrots;carrots, cucumbers isvekly;a carrot.In addition to the juices in the diet is also important to include foods rich in dietary fiber.

beet, grapes, figs, cabbage, a variety of dried fruit, wheat germ smogutpomoch improve motility of the colon.Esliu have increased production of gas and bloating, it is useful to drink svezhevyzhatyysok cabbage.To this should be added gradually juice carrot juice.A itogepostepenno go completely on carrot juice.

decoction of senna

Boleesilnym tool that can help clean up without enemas tolstogokishechnika a broth, which is prepared from the Seine.Do not forget that dlyadetey and for people who suffer from stomach ulcer, clean the intestines Thus disease is highly undesirable.To prepare the broth, you must lozhkutravy pour boiling water, boil for 5-7 minutes and infuse for 20 minutes.This otvarprinimat after dinner in 2-2.5 hours.On the first day neobhodimoprinimat no more than 1/3 cup to observe how otreagiruetorganizm.In the case of severe abdominal pain and repeated bowel movements need dozuumenshit.The course of such treatment - seven days, but it is crucial for the 7th day take 1stakan broth.

also cleansing the intestines, remember that the weakening and wasting of muscles of the intestine, to a lesser and a greater degree of immobility caused unnecessary toxins in the intestine, ugnetayuschiesyagnilostnymi microorganisms.To gut flora was normal, adefekatsiya was natural, it is necessary to consume cereals and bran, have bolshefruktov and vegetables, do not eat spicy and fatty foods, not to apply slabitelnyebez special reasons.

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