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Top 10 things every day shortens life

1. Wrong approach to nutrition.

not the best way affects the body nepravilnoepitanie.High-calorie food that contains a maximum of dyes and preservatives iminimum beneficial ingredients.All this adversely affects the body and provotsiruetrazlichnye diseases, such as obesity or heart disease.

2. tobacco products, alcoholic beverages and vsevozmozhnyeenergetiki.

Everyone knows that smoking - one of the most vredonosnyhprivychek, which could result in lung disease, cardiovascular disease.As well as deteriorating overall health, increased fatigue and tiredness.With regard to alcohol, and so here vseponyatno.

Needless to remind you that alcoholism is himicheskuyuzavisimost, and causes irreversible damage to the human body, carrying soboysamye various diseases.Energy drinks in turn takzhevyzyvayut addictive with regular use.One serving of this napitkasoderzhit very large amounts of caffeine, which has a huge load naserdtse.And the man because of the frequent use of energy is becoming sluggish.

3. Lack of sleep.

deficit of sleep - one of the most common diseases and pagubnyhprichin body.A person must average at least seven vosemchasov regular sleep.A lack of sleep leads to periodic povyshennoyutomlyaemosti, as well as to diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension irazvitie.

4. Substance use narcotic nature.

addictive and cause drug dependence the body lyubogoproiskhozhdeniya, even such as "grass" or hallucinogenic agents.Podobnoeprivykanie completely destroys the human body, leading to neobratimomueffektu.Dependent people to change their views of the world, as well as changes and egopovedeniya.Dependence is pushing people to commit crimes lyubogoharaktera, for the sake of the next dose, without which in their view zhiznne sense.Ultimately, all of which can be fatal.

5. doldrums.

constant anxiety, stress, depression, all this leads to iznosuorganizma, has a harmful effect on the psyche.Life is, as saith, "not a pleasant experience."The world around us seems gray and lifeless, lost appetite, desire to maintain communication in others.Any depressiyane pass without a trace.

6. Hatred and constant outbursts of anger.

Similar processes have also not the best impact naorganizm.Anger and rage have a devastating effect on the nervous sistemucheloveka.According to statistics, people who have a longer period of life otdalipredpochtenie negative emotions in old age had all shansypriobresti such diseases as senility.

7. Lazy condition.

Previously, people associated with the lazy couch, newspaper, television.At the moment, it is people who are constantly conducting peredkompyuterom time by opting for social networks and search bespoleznoyinformatsii.This is not a futile exercise brings no benefit, and dazhenaprotiv.Spend their lives in search of something indefinite, it is possible to miss massuvozmozhnostey that gives us life.

8. Deception.

Cheating keeps a person in constant excitement and experience, as if the secret is not revealed.Constantly need to be creative iizvorotlivost that takes a lot of strength, both physical and moral.

9. Watching TV.

Here is the view that a permanent view televizionnyhperedach not only leads to poor health, but it is likely statzalozhnikom harmful information.Currently, a lot of podobnoyinformatsii, having nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle.

10. The lack of an active lifestyle.

Sedentary lifestyle leads to heart sosudistymzabolevaniyam, deterioration of general condition, increased fatigue, etc.Poetomuneobhodimo even if you do not exercise regularly, at least udelyatezhednevno time for a walk in the fresh air.

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