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The magical world of aroma oils

Natural oils - is highly concentrated plant extracts were obtained by steam distillation of different plant parts, including pharmaceuticals.Essential oils are complex organic compounds alcohols, ketones, aldehydes and other hydrocarbons produced by plants, have nothing to do with fatty oils, consisting mainly of esters of three-atom glycerol and high fatty acids.

range of application of essential oils is very high.Virtually all oils have antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, and many of them.even antivirus, mikosepticheskie, immunomodulatory and antioxidant.This enables their widespread use in the pharmaceutical (oils included in the various formulations), perfume and cosmetic industries.

In a life of oil are used for treatments: inhalations, baths, basins, aromokuritelnitsy, aromomedalony.For cosmetic purposes, they are added to creams, masks, shampoos, shower gels.In cooking - cakes, drinks, cocktails, including alcohol.

essential oil of high purity suitable for medic

al, cosmetic or culinary use, have to be marked on the package "absolute 100 percent essential oil," oil with the inscription "For everyday use", suitable only for flavoring premises.

Given the high demand for this type of product, and a fairly high price, the market aromamasel becomes very attractive for lovers of easy money earning through the production and sale of counterfeits.The most harmless case you find a essential oil diluted with cheaper vegetable, in this case, it is underweight, and if in the vial will be a substance containing harmful reactive components?

How to distinguish a fake from the natural oil?How not to harm their health?I will not talk about the existence of synthetic lubricants and oils, similar to the natural, if it is indicated on the package, no more questions.Buy aromatic oils should have known merchants, representing manufacturers of branded products and highly value their own reputation.But if the seller's name does not say anything, I recommend to pay attention to the following characteristic features of a quality product.

The main distinguishing feature of this hundred percent essential oil is checked on a piece of paper - a drop of the oil evaporates without leaving a trace or you can put a small drop in the mirror, she just disappear without a trace.

This oil has a clean, soft flavor, the presence of a sharp, distinct hues, indicating the presence of foreign components.

This essential oil will never change the physical properties of cosmetic products when you add them.Forgery, in most cases, can lead, for example, delamination or haze cream shower gel.

Pay attention to the packaging of oils, the presence of the bar code, the name and address of the manufacturer's label and annotation in Russian.The bottle must be of dark glass, brown or blue.Caps or lids must have sealing violates the autopsy.

before any use of essential oils is necessary to test it on the individual tolerance for this dilute one drop of the test oil in a tablespoon of vegetable and place a drop of the mixture on the skin in the area of ​​the wrist or elbow hand.If after a few minutes you will not feel this place burning or any other sign of irritation (redness, discomfort), you can safely use this oil.

Never use essential oils with the inscription "For everyday use" for any purpose other than flavoring premises.

never exceed the dose recommended in the summary.

Using the above recommendations, you can enjoy the most magical properties of essential oils and do not cause injury to themselves.

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