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Bleeding after intercourse

One of the reasons may be, such as the pathology of cervical erosion.It can be diagnosed even in normal gynecological examination, and it certainly should be treated.Note that the modern methods of treatment of erosion and used for nulliparous women, as it does not violate the uterus stretch and do not hinder the normal course of childbirth.This pathology is the true cervical erosion can cause not only bleeding after sex, so if you see any bleeding, not associated with menstruation, it is an opportunity as soon as possible go to the doctor.

reason that may occur Postcoital bleeding, may be any disease, sexually transmitted infections, which are now widely used.This phenomenon promote unprotected sex, and promiscuous sexual life.In addition, can provoke bleeding and inflammation of various origins in the female reproductive system, such as vaginitis, tservinit, colpitis, vulvovaginitis.This further irritated tissue, and in a time when it is already experiencing the negative impact of inflammation that

can be caused by both infectious disease and pathogens listed with the genitals of the partner or from the intestine.

considerable role in the emergence of non-specific inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system can play non-compliance with the necessary personal hygiene, prolonged use of antibiotics, and lowered immunity.At this point they are quite successfully be cured, especially if you seek medical advice at an early stage, without providing so much as a serious threat to women's health.One reason for the bleeding that occurs after sexual intercourse may be a polyp or uterine cervical canal.When the sexual act is damaged body of a polyp, thereby causing slight bleeding.In this pathology treatment is surgical removal of tumors, which is conducted on an outpatient basis and is not something difficult.

cause bleeding after sexual intercourse can be a variety of blood diseases, as well as the use of some of drugs that reduce clotting or her hormones.Most often, this can occur if improperly used oral contraceptives or if the vehicle has been picked up unsuccessfully.In such a situation can help to consult a specialist.

One of the most dangerous causes of bleeding after sexual intercourse is a precancerous condition such as cervical dysplasia or cervical cancer.In that case, if the disease were seen bleeding during pregnancy, it should be as soon as possible to see a doctor to protect your unborn baby and avoid the threat of miscarriage.

Also, in many cases, the cause of bleeding that occurs after sexual intercourse in women may be mechanically damaged sexual organs, which occurs usually as a result of too strong or fast movements of the penis.Another symptom of this particular case - the pain during intercourse.In this case, it is recommended to take any measures to prevent further complications of inflammatory and reduce the intensity of the movements during intercourse.If bleeding is severe, you should as soon as possible, seek medical advice.Bleeding from the anus, observed after sexual contact, especially after anal sex, may indicate possible damage to the rectal mucosa.Do not leave them unattended, as these lesions may be complicated by an anal fissure, inflammation or other negative consequences.So with such spotting should also consult a proctologist.