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How to protect yourself from a magnetic storm?

Let's see with the physical nature of this phenomenon.The sun, in principle - a giant ball of gas, and through the "holes" in the magnetic fields of the Sun into space continuously flowing streams of solar matter (plasma) huge temperature.This phenomenon is called the "solar wind."With increasing speed the flow of plasma is carried not only the solar system but also beyond - beyond its borders.

In periods of solar activity, solar matter emissions increase manifold.After a couple of days the shock wave from a solar flare reaches Earth and completely envelops the planet.Under the influence of the solar wind magnetic field perturbations occur.The compass needle is still looking to the north, but more sensitive instruments noted magnetic storms.When solar activity subsides, the readings are normalized, and our well-being comes to you in a familiar condition.

Besides age, the body's sensitivity to magnetic anomalies affected by the presence of various diseases.During these periods, all ills are felt more ac
utely: remind yourself and coronary heart disease, and mental disorders, and diabetes, and other diseases that previously we did not bother.

particularly adverse effect magnetic storms affect people who have survived heart attacks or strokes - old diseases crawl out sharply deteriorating health.So, in a sense, magnetic storms are an indicator of health.

Why are people being at a great distance from the Sun, so sensitively perceives changes in the activity of our heavenly body?There are several hypotheses to explain the impact on the human magnetic storms.According to the assumptions, all living organisms have magnetoreception, t. E. A direct connection to the earth's magnetic field.In particular, magnetoreception is of great importance in the life of the birds: they accurately determine the direction of their flight using the Earth's magnetic field.Similarly, a lost cat finds the way back home.Unfortunately, such a person "inner compass" is almost completely atrophied.

People are accustomed to small changes in the magnetic field and do not react to them.But for large magnetic disturbances "internal sensors" a person work.As with any stress, there is a significant release of adrenaline.Accordingly, the "jumps" blood pressure, against the background of chronic diseases threatens severe complications.There are sleep disorders, and general malaise, exacerbated disease.

How to protect yourself from the effects of these natural disturbances of the magnetic field?Over such a difficult problem for a long time the specialists of different directions.In the laboratories, for example, a man covered with a protective screen, and this allowed him to avoid the effects of magnetic storms.But this is - just an experiment, and not the solution.

And ordinary people how to protect themselves?Do not shut down the screen!Doctors are advised not to wait for the emergence of unpleasant symptoms, and advance to be screened to detect chronic diseases.That way you prepare for a possible deterioration of health options.And when during magnetic storms worsen the disease, in your arsenal are medications prescribed by the doctor.

Selection of medicines should be solely an individual, depending on the person's age, disease and the degree of sensitivity to magnetic perturbations.Watch out for your health, take care of it.Strong and healthy body better resists outside influences, which means that he has nothing to be afraid of no magnetic storms.