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How to calm nerves in 1 minute

professionals such cases sovetuyutispolzovat just a few simple, but highly effective exercises kotoryepomogut get rid of nervous tension about a minute.They are worth znatkazhdomu, because with the current pace of life, the simple breakdown mozhetpererasti very easy to stress.

Thus, the first method can be described as visualization.Chtobyuspokoit get up to mischief nerves enough to imagine a certain image, prichemluchshe if it will present a combination of white and water.Vrezultate much research, scientists have concluded that it dannoesochetanie optimally in a similar situation.The essence of this method is based on the fact that thanks to the vision we get the bulk of the information okruzhayuschemnas world.Therefore, the perception of visual images, easier for our brains.

So, to quickly calm the nerves need to sit down, zakrytglaza, try to relax, restore rapid breathing, and predstavitv mind the image of a white water.For best effect, try dopolnitvizualny way feeling that cool water touches t

urns vasheymakushki, face, shoulders, chest and legs.Imagine the pleasure of prikosnoveniyavody to your body and enjoy it for 30 seconds.

then try to "see" how all this water potokstekaet with you, going into the ground or the floor of the crater.In this way voronkaochen important becauseIt is it absorbs all your negative emotions.Zatemgluboko breath, open your eyes.You will feel at ease and relaxed, eslinepriyatnye emotions to some extent, and will remain, they just recede into vtoroyplan.

second exercise is best done in the bathroom, predvaritelnosnyav scarf, tie or scarf from his neck, if any.Then, try to relax, hold hands under running cold water, slowly touch prohladnoyvlazhnoy hand to the neck, first one, in a few seconds with both.Nachnitemedlenno neck rub his hands, then gradually go to the shoulders.Ponachaluvashi touch should be light and soft, and then press the power dolzhnapostepenno increase, reaching a maximum of forty seconds, poslenachala this small massage.Then, gradually pressing force paltsevsleduet minimized.Having done all of the above, it should again proytisvlazhnymi cool hand on the neck.This way to calm yourself bolshepodoydet women astheir skin on the neck is more sensitive and receptive kprikosnoveniyam.

There is another way, which will require very malovremeni.For this exercise you need a piece of coarse cloth, whether a towel or scarf, the stiffer fabric will touch, the better.Thus, the tissue is found, it is in your hands and ready to absorb all the negative emotions you have accumulated during the day.Taking a deep breath, crumpled scarf or towel usebya hands, put in motion all his anger and resentment, twist fabric kakmozhno stronger, try to squeeze out of it all that is possible.Do not think Otomi that will tear it, just do what you are doing.Exercise sleduetzakonchit quickly and dramatically, opening his hands and dropped the piece of cloth.This uprazhneniepomozhet you feel ease and relaxed, especially in the hands.If desired, you can repeat the exercise.

In a stressful situation, it is necessary to listen to his telu.Ved voltage is not only our internal state, it takzheskazyvaetsya and our muscles.Therefore, it is very effective exercise, alternating relaxation and strain muscles.You can also try massazhpaltsev on hand, it will not only distract you from the nerve stimulus, but ipomozhet bring you into a more relaxed state.For its implementation poocherednos sufficient force to press the nail phalanx of each finger.

All of the above described exercises are not complicated, iglavnoe some of them can be done quickly and quietly right on rabochemmeste.If you do not poberezhet themselves or those who will not be engaged.

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