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Women's Health after 40 years

However, even if a woman feels in his heart for 25 years, you should always keep in mind that sooner or later, age will have an effect.It is necessary to pay attention to the particular physiology during this period, on the methods of caring for their health.It is recommended to enrich their diet rich in vitamins and reduce consumption of foods high in fat.All this makes it easier to cope with the symptoms of menopause, during which come between 45-50 years.

There are many useful tips for extending the health of 40-year-old woman, which give doctors, psychologists and nutritionists.Remember that beautiful healthy looking woman - a well-coordinated work of normal physiological processes of the body, as well as peace and harmony in the family and personal life.

not need to overeat.Meals should be balanced.Pay attention to the calorie content of foods and meals.The optimal use of 1500 calories a day.An important feature of power in the age of forty is the enrichment of the diet products containing beta-c

arotene.In this regard, it is recommended to consume more carrots, liver and nuts.

Psychologists advise to get as much pleasure out of life.It is useful to at least 2 times a week to make love.Endorphins produced during sex, strengthens the immune system and is the hormone of happiness, improves mood.

Do not forget about sports.Daily classes charge for half an hour a day contribute to the development of growth hormone and prolong life, improve health, raise vitality.To figure was slim, it is recommended to exercise regularly, choosing the light of his views.You can choose your own exercises to maintain a good mood and tone.

recommended to ensure that during sleep the room temperature was comfortable.The optimum 17-180S.This temperature is the best way affects the metabolic processes.

Psychologists do not recommend overly restrict yourself and keep perfectly correct way of life.Do not indulge in a little piece of chocolate, if you really want.Do not skimp on all and sundry, do yourself gifts, buy new clothes, to make its appearance of bright colors.

is also not recommended to suppress the negative emotions.It is better to share the problems and talk about annoying your loved one or a reprimand at a reception at the psychologist.It is well known that anger, negative, negative emotions can trigger the development of diseases, including cancer.

recommended to do mental work, forcing your brain to work actively.For example, crosswords and puzzles, learn foreign languages ​​and so on.All these actions are slow degradation processes in the brain, stimulates the heart and blood circulation.

Cosmetologists also pay particular attention to women's health at the age of 40 years.During this period, the type of skin changes, it loses its elasticity.Over time, appear on the skin pigmentation spots, warts, papillomas.It is recommended to be observed at the cosmetician in time to respond to age-related changes, necessary to choose the right makeup.This will enable to extend the youth of the skin.

periodically visit your doctor.Timely treatment of a qualified medical help to avoid the serious consequences of chronic diseases that may be exacerbated during this period.

Mental and physical health of the woman of 40 should be at the highest level.Proper care of yourself and your health - is the key to a perfect appearance at this age.