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Well go to bed, sleep on it

Children increased need for sleep, the average person in the arms of Morpheus should be carried out for about 8 hours.The ideal option would be a time that makes it easy to stay awake and feel rested during the day.10% are satisfied 6 hours, while others require more than 9 hours.

A single sleepless night, appeared to irritability, anxiety, inability to concentrate.If a person suffers from a lack of sleep constantly, it becomes a cause of premature skin aging, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases.On these issues everyone can protect themselves if go to bed on time.If sleep bypasses the need to take measures to correct the situation.

What prevents sleep
Anxiety and stress often cause insomnia.On the one hand, they increase the secretion of the hormone cortisol is the hormone that maintains us awake.On the other hand, they provide food for "chewing overnight unpleasant events, as a result does not allow us to calm down.

uncomfortable conditions - heat, light, noise, hard mattress and so on.
lot of physical and mental exercises in the evening.
Food - late, abundant, protein or fat, use of energy drinks in the 2nd half of the day.

The female body pregnancy and the critical days secrete hormones that regulate the system of "wake-sleep."Depression manifests itself in insomnia, it appears in the morning, a sudden awakening, and afterwards you can not sleep.

Day long sleep, reduces the amount of nighttime sleep.If you are a frequent traveler insomnia, it interferes with day to lead a normal life and should see a doctor.It can offer a variety of options to address the problem of psychotherapy, relaxation exercises, and soporific.But if at times disturbed sleep, then to build it, here are techniques allow

Nine steps to morph
1. Organize your territory
put the bed by the door or the window is not advised nor Western scholars or sages.Due to possible noise, light, draft, adverse flow of energy, because the subconscious feelings of anxiety.No need to skimp on the bed, and then a good mattress will serve you the truth and faith for decades, provide a pleasant dream and healthy sleep.

Melatonin - sleep hormone, produced by the best in the dark.This substance is a powerful antioxidant that slows the aging of cells.Of course, it would be better to invest in blackout curtains, they will be a good investment in the beauty and health.

for quality sleep need silence.From the noise outside your bedroom can be isolated glazing and the wall to separate from troubled neighbors, you need to put a bookcase.
Our sleep consists of four or six cycles lasting from 80 to 100 minutes.In each cycle, alternating fast and slow sleep, which occupies about 75 percent.Slow sleep helps replenish energy costs, and can provide fast processing of all the information that gets during the day.

2. Dilute
ceremony every evening "ritual" acts calm and relaxation tunes.Take a warm bath you need, when you steam in the hot water, the body temperature rises, and to fall asleep quickly the temperature should drop slightly.Drink a cup of herbal tea, apply night cream, read a fascinating detective story, a favorite pet.Everyone has the discretion to build a nice lulling case.Go to bed and wake up in need at the same time.Dream, which begins before midnight, makes it easier to recover the body, in the first third of the night "slow" phase is longer and deeper, all the processes in the body are inhibited, except growth hormone, which helps to renew the cells.

slight lack of sleep can reduce care.As American scientists have calculated, on the Monday after daylight saving time, the number of accidents at work is doubled, it is when we have to get up an hour earlier than usual.

3. Follow the rhythm
Rhythm sets when there is an alternation of day and night.That there was a good night's sleep, few will dive into the darkness, to get into wakefulness enough light.People suffering from insomnia, light therapy is recommended.A study in Switzerland showed that daily thirty-minute morning walk will be effective to restore the balance, and the treatments, to a device that simulates sunlight.

When you need to go to bed, the body itself will tell you: eyes closing, the weakening of attention, yawning.These signals are not to be missed, as only two hours later comes the next light sleep.

As it turned out, drowsiness in the afternoon is not related to food.It's just a natural cycle, at 14.00 slightly reduced body temperature, just as at 22.00, which is why we and sleepy.As researchers found, if a little nap in the natural decline in activity, but no more than 20 minutes, it is possible in the afternoon to increase the reaction rate by 2 times and increase their attentiveness.

4. It is necessary to be selective in eating
Do not go to bed on an empty stomach, as high risk, to wake up the feeling of hunger.Our body during sleep needs energy.To keep the heart rate, breathing and some other processes of our body burns about 300 calories.Do not overeat, because the digestion of food, it is an energy-intensive process, it may violate the mechanism of sleep.The best option is a loose dinner 2 hours before bedtime, but the menu need to be picky.Proteins of animal origin - eggs, fish, meat, maintain aggressiveness and activity.Carbohydrates calm, help to relax, improve your mood and therefore sleep.Similar properties are ginger, corn, beans, brown rice, dairy products, bananas and so on.

evening is best not to drink alcohol.In small doses it provokes snoring and improves awakening during the night, changes the phase of deep sleep.The presence in the coffee, the tea, and other caffeine energy drinks do not sleep so deep.Caffeine is active in the body for 5 or 6 hours.The more you consume, and the later you do, the harder it will be to sleep.After 15:00 it is not necessary to lean on coffee and tea.

In ancient Egypt used to improve sleep onions.It contains a sedative, and is a natural sedative.

5. Move
said that how to relax, can those who have done well.And it is right for a normal sleep need physical activity during the day outdoors.But after the evening loads need a few hours to neutralize the hormones vigor and reduce the body temperature.

6. Remove any excess
The ideal situation would be that the bedroom will not be any electrical appliances.Even when they are in the sleep mode, they produce weak waves which interact with the brain.If you want to have a good rest, you need to turn off all the equipment.Devices with illuminated display should be removed, our eyelids do not fully protect us from the visual stimuli and sleep will be superficial.When the workstation is in the room where your bed, you should separate the recreation area screen.Who sleeps at least 4 hours, increases the chances of overweight by 70%.

7. Relax
after 19.00 is not necessary to plan some intense workouts, check tests, to conduct intelligent discussion.TV, computer, video game would be good to be excluded, it increases brain activity, but in order that the person could safely sleep, activity should drop.Calm mood evokes quiet melodious music, simple meditation, unhurried conversation, all that we are pleased.

When you are nervous, you can not relax, try to find the cause of this condition.These situations turn into a vicious circle, first you worry, it does not get enough sleep, and then get annoyed because he did not get enough sleep.As advised by psychologists, an hour before bedtime, sit comfortably on a chair, consider everything that bothers you.Then stand up, all the care to mentally put on the seat until the next day and forget about them.And though it may seem strange, but it works.

not to be considered in the mind of sheep, it just do not need, it is better to imagine a forest stream, or a deserted beach and then quickly fall asleep.

8. Lowering degree
need to sleep in a room at a low temperature of 16 to 20 degrees.The bedroom should be aired before bedtime.

9. Use traditional recipes
And although they are not so much as medication, but they can not restore the normal side effects of the juice.
- Hawthorn - calms the nervous system, regulates heart rhythm, reduces nervousness.
- Valerian in record time you can plunge into the arms of Morpheus.
- Linden soothes, but you need to carefully follow the instructions on the package, as an overdose invigorates.

Three rules for good morning
1. to wake up on time, you need to transfer the alarm for 15 minutes, or half an hour ago that it was possible to slowly gather, it will be much easier to get up and be in a good mood.
2. To select the alarm pleasant melody to the awakening was gradual.
3. Take a shower.Jets shower can help to wake up, massage every centimeter of your skin.And if you add the gel with a pleasant fresh scent, douches, and then you will surely leave with a bath with a smile on his lips.

now, okay go to bed sleep on it.Hopefully these tips will help you sleep well, stay always energetic, cheerful and still look good.

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