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The healing properties of ground ginger

If you've ever tried a dish flavored with ground ginger, or drinking tea with fragrant shavings of this plant, but certainly noted his originality.That's right: even at home ginger none magnificent feast or the usual dinner is complete without it.And it's not just drawn to a sharp and astringent.Just 10 grams of the root have a terrific anti-aging and anti-bacterial effect on the entire body.Just imagine - a seemingly ordinary twisted root, quite dense and meaty.But what is the range of substances, which fills him, essential oils, amino acids, vitamins A, C, B, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, calcium.Where are all these useful medicinal properties of the treasure?

Solving problems in the sexual sphere - one of the few properties of ginger, which is unfair forgotten.Even the Greeks and the Arabs with the help of ginger drinks reduced virility and treat female infertility.In modern sexology ginger is considered a powerful aphrodisiac product, which increases libido.

Nausea and gastrointesti

nal diseases. Ginger even eliminate the symptoms of motion sickness and helps people who have had chemotherapy when nausea simply exhausting.Ground ginger - a great and natural antispasmodic drug that stimulates gastric secretion.It has also choleretic effect.Essential for bloating and flatulence.

upper respiratory tract infection. infusion of ground ginger can be used in inhaled, gargle with angina, taken orally in dry painful cough.Especially effective extracts in combination with honey and green tea.

Preventing cold and hypothermia. healing effects Warming ginger increases blood flow and gently pours heat throughout the body.

Migraines and ordinary headaches. When they occur used slurry of ground ginger and water, which is applied as a warm compress on the forehead or temporal region.

Weight loss and normalization of metabolic processes of the body. occurs through active warming heat that intensifies all processes in the body.Ginger tea is recommended by nutritionists in the general course of weight loss and combat obesity.Scientists have shown that the strong essential oils can accelerate metabolic processes lead to rapid burning of fat and protein breakdown.Usually, ginger tea for weight loss made from the root by rubbing it on the small or medium grater.Brew in a thermos with green, black tea, chamomile, mint or lemon balm.It is enough to infuse 15 minutes, drink warm and better freshly prepared.If you need to lose large amounts, the ginger brewed with cloves of garlic or a sheet of cranberries, which will help improve the work of the kidneys.To get a drink was not a tart, it must drain and add a slice of lemon, a spoonful of honey or cane sugar.Drink this tea should be before eating or at night to cheerfulness not cause insomnia.Eat pure ginger tea constantly still not recommended, so it's best to cook it with a combination of additional ingredients.

for the face and body - perhaps one of the most interesting and relevant to each woman's questions.As well as for the professional cosmetologists who use ginger in the development of new products to the maximum.In addition to its antimicrobial properties, ginger restores balance and tones the skin cells from the inside.This priceless property in eliminating dryness, laxity, sagging and fatigue.Ginger instantly tightens and tones the skin, and in different proportions suitable for any type of skin and age characteristics.Many well-known beauty products are praised with ginger, which are rich in antioxidants and prevent premature aging of the skin.Also, masks, lotions, tonics and regulatory cream based on extracts of ginger - a lifeline for owners of oily and porous skin.They reduce the production of sebum (sebum), antiseptic, and effectively assist in the removal of toxins.Wraps with gruel ground ginger used in spa treatments and courses to eliminate cellulite.Young mothers and giving birth, women often use cream, as part of which has ginger to restore skin elasticity and reduce visible stretch marks.

Aromatherapy. not bypassed attention ginger and aromatherapy.Although ginger oil quickly fizzles out when exposed to air, but adapting it to the properties of the ether, we can safely spend wellness sessions or simply choose a perfume with notes of spice plants.

That's how rich palette of curative properties of ground ginger.It looks unsightly ginger leaves no one indifferent.Feel free to enjoy this ancient product, and everyone else, he will open the previously unknown party.By the way, to get acquainted with ginger generations required to Marco Polo, who in the XVIII century brought it from Asia to Western Europe.This discovery gladly accepted not only European cuisine, but also the English-language writers, writing a story about the ginger man.Today, this "fabulous" character can get hold of and extract each daily use.Here are some useful tips for the hostess rachitoy:

• Ginger is sold in the form of fresh roots, but the roots and dried, powder, flakes, powder.

• To self-finely chop the ginger slices, you can use the usual potato peeler.

• Remember: pungent ginger drink can cause burning and will not bring the expected pleasure from eating.Therefore, know the measure.Thus, 2 liters of water is enough sliced ​​or whole pieces the size of a medium plum.

• Ginger is not recommended to take on an empty stomach.

• Tea and ginger broth with the addition of various herbs are allowed to children from 3 years.Thus it is necessary to observe the susceptibility to prevent allergic rashes.

• Masks of ginger should not be applied to the sensitive and damaged skin.

• The most popular cosmetic additions to the ginger, which not only enhance its effect, but also demonstrate their beneficial properties are: grape seed oil, chamomile, white clay, lemongrass oil, rice bran oil, shea butter, extractginseng and patchouli oil.