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How useful cabbage?

cabbage soup, cabbage pie, sauerkraut, pickled, salted ... how delicious, learn what useful properties carries a cabbage pie.

Cabbage biennial plant of the cabbage family, it is known to all as vegetables.At present, there are about 100 varieties of cabbage.It is used in fresh, salted, pickled, pickled form.I can say that to describe its taste qualities is not necessary - they are so well known, but the cabbage has medical value.

It has many varieties, and are grown seedling method.Cabbage is a biennial plant, the first year formed a head, and in the second year forms floriferous stem and produces seeds.Cabbage is resistant to cold plants.Cabbage is very moisture-loving, and therefore it must be watered frequently.If cabbage received proper care during growth, it needs to have a solid, dense head.The soil for planting cabbage should be clay type, with sufficient lime.Before planted cabbage seedlings with the soil, it is necessary for the cabbage to make fresh manure, digging under the cabbage is best

done in the fall.My grandfather makes a hole for potatoes, and then fills the wells with warm water.Having waited until the water goes into the center wells are planted seedlings of cabbage.Then again, to water the plants with water.Sometimes it happens that cabbage grows poorly and feeds her grandpa fertilizers.

Cabbage is not particularly different from other vegetables.The cabbage heads contained 1.8% of nitrogenous substances, fat 0.18 19.2 sugars, cellulose 1.65 1.18 ash and 90% water.The leaves also contain carotene, vitamins A, B6, P, V, K, D, lysozyme.Proteins and fats, vitamin C, vitamin content of the cabbage equal to the content in citrus fruits, and it is perfectly preserved as in a jam and the sauerkraut.The cabbage contains ascorbic acid as ascorbigen and during cooking is converted to vitamin C, vitamin C content therefore increases.And 250 grams of cabbage is enough to get the daily requirement of vitamin C. The young leaves of cabbage contain folic acid, which normalizes metabolism and hematopoiesis.It is destroyed by cooking, and boiled cabbage has patients who have unhealthy blood is not recommended.

Cabbage is useful in diabetes, nutritionists report that cabbage contains substances that reduce the composition of the blood sugar and obesity, but substances that prevent the conversion of carbohydrates into fats, are destroyed by heat treatment.At 100 grams of cabbage 28 kcal, so for most cabbage diet good vegetables.In tuberculosis advise cabbage juice with honey and insomnia good to drink juice with a decoction of cabbage seeds.

In medicine use cabbage juice.It is drunk for the treatment of gastric ulcers, researchers have found that the beneficial effect in gastric juice due to the fact that in cabbage juice contains vitamins antiulcer, a so-called antiulkus factor, a substance called vitamin U. To treat ulcers not necessary, eat cabbage leaves sinceas the fiber content on the contrary may exacerbate the disease.Cabbage juice has a beneficial effect in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and duodenal ulcer.The treatment of cabbage juice 4-5 weeks.The juice should drink half a cup 2-3 times a day before meals in the form of heat.Warming at 90 degrees in a water bath.This recipe helps with toothaches, headaches, and cabbage juice with sugar helps sober up and lead to feelings of drunk people.

As a child, my grandmother often gave me the sauerkraut, and said that I will not get sick tummy.Having read the necessary literature, I found out that because of sauerkraut to create favorable conditions for the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria.Regular consumption of cabbage facilitates bronchitis, eczema, inflammation of the veins, passes rheumatism.

Grandpa, often walking in the garden, tied to the large head of cabbage leaves, saying that it saves him from the heat.And like it really helped.Young leaves of cabbage is recommended to apply to wounds and abrasions, but before that you need to rinse with warm water, to remove coarse stems and lightly rolled with a rolling pin.And only after that the leaves is applied to the affected area of ​​the body and is not tied too tight gauze bandage.I should be twice a day.Leaves pulled various pus, wound thus cleared and begins healing.Cabbage leaves eliminate the rubella burns.Just cabbage juice drink for the treatment of liver diseases.In connection with the advent of synthetic vitamin "U" cabbage juice has been applied less often.

As for side effects, it is not at all evident.Some people with overeating cabbage may bloating, but it may depend on what the dish was cooked wrong, in such cases, it is advised to drink a cup of cumin tea.

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