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How to quickly get rid of the first signs of colds folk remedies


Leaves and roots of horseradish is a popular folk remedy at the first sign of a cold.They are rich in vitamin C. The roots of horseradish contain volatile and volatile mixture of essential oils, mustard, horseradish giving a sharp taste.These chemicals kill and destroy many types of bacteria and viruses.Because of them, in folk medicine for centuries horseradish was used as Helps to overcome.A water extract of horseradish - to gargle with angina.The use of horseradish promotes expectoration during coughing.Immediate preventive effect when cleansing catharsis "breaks through" a stuffy nose and throat, and so on until there were tears in his eyes, is known to everyone who tried to fuck.Therefore, on the whole territory of our country and in other places, other than raw climate and harsh winters, horseradish as a condiment in the old days was on the table for everyone.And today there is no shortage of horseradish for sale at very affordable prices.Yet should beware horseradish recept

ion inside in large quantities, and only use it as a medicine and flavoring.


Radish used both for food and for medicinal purposes at the first sign of a cold for centuries.Vitamin and mineral composition of all varieties is the same - they are all rich in vitamin C and essential oils, has an antiseptic effect.Field Marshal Suvorov your immunity to colds in the toughest field conditions due to the fact that three times a day, ate grated radish.External fresh radishes in old army used as a powerful antiseptic for septic wounds.Root crops, especially winter varieties, have a sharp taste and specific "redechny" smell.On the festive table is rarely black radish salad as because of the specific breath that must appear after meals.But bitter grated radish with honey smell of the leaves - a traditional folk remedy for flu prevention.

Salad Asian radish varieties (green and sweet), and Far Eastern species (Japanese radish) differ more delicate flavor and juiciness.In addition they have less of mustard oil.After the meal, because they are not from the man reeks of "village", and on the effectiveness of these varieties yield little bitter radish.Nowadays bitter radish used in many cough.It is enough to cut into very thin slices of raw radish and sprinkle them with sugar.Introduced sweet juice to take each hour on a tablespoon.Or, you can rub the radish on a mechanical grater and squeeze the juice through cheesecloth gently.Thereafter, 1 liter of juice mixed with a liquid to taste honey and drink at night before bedtime and before meals for 2 tablespoons.spoon.It should be borne in mind that any internal use of varieties of radish is contraindicated in patients with diseases of the heart and liver.And the owners of ulcers, gastritis, or simply a gentle and sensitive stomach with black radish is better not to get involved at all.


Onions contain a very effective bactericide allicin.Therefore onion mush long used to disinfect cuts and sores.And the onion juice and honey in ancient times was used in the first sign of a cold and cough.At a cold or flu which began every 2 - 3 hours must be taken tablespoon onion juice (for children can be mixed with honey).To stay on his feet when a flu epidemic, it is enough to rub a fresh onion, and the resulting mass should be carefully put on two layers of cheesecloth.Imposed a compress on the lower part of the nose, pre-greased in order to avoid irritation of sunflower oil.The procedure should take about 10 minutes - no more.If you repeat this procedure three times during the day, it will help prevent the flu.If the temperature has risen, from apples and onions squeezed juice and mix thoroughly prepared liquid.You then need 1 tablespoon of honey added to the mix and stir well.It is necessary to drink this dose for three hours during the day.You will quickly notice the temperature starts to drop.


Garlic is considered one of the best folk remedies at the first sign of a cold.And there is a scientific rational explanation.Garlic cloves contain protein, vitamin C, mineral salts, essential oils and volatile, conditional bacterial effect of garlic.Therefore, since ancient times garlic was widely used in folk medicine to combat various diseases, especially infectious.On the basis of garlic, a number of drugs used to strengthen the immune system.But most importantly - garlic contains allicin isomer that stronger action than allicin bow.Experience World War showed preventive effect of garlic against epidemics of infectious diseases and deficiency diseases.It is irreplaceable for the prevention of SARS and influenza.

During outbreaks of influenza and colds enough for a few minutes to chew a clove of garlic to the mouth completely clean from bacteria, as well as in the use of onions.To deliberate and prolonged protection from the flu can rub lemon on 2 ordinary grater.Then chop a couple heads of garlic.Pulp obtained in this case, mixed and poured boiling water - about one liter.Then hold in a dark place for 3 days at room temperature.Infusion of strain, and put in the refrigerator as needed to take on an empty stomach 1 tablespoon.Such prevention can continue until late spring.

Mint with lemon and garlic can stop the development of colds.If you experience the first signs of a cold spoon tablespoon recommended peppermint pour 1 cup boiling water, heat for five minutes on low heat, and at the end of strain.Then the infusion should dissolve a teaspoon of honey.A small clove garlic crushed and put in a cup, where 1/4 of the lemon squeeze medium size, pour infusion of mint and honey and mix thoroughly.Drink the infusion in the form of heat before going to bed.

to consume garlic and children should be taught.The baby is not twisted by burning taste, it should be finely pound and put on a sandwich with butter.Pounded garlic can insist on milk.To do this, take a couple of garlic cloves on a half-glass of milk.As such, even to the children, this may be given an infusion of droplets to enhance immunity.In addition, garlic can be hung at the head of the child's bedroom.A day to put on the baby's neck a necklace of garlic cloves to cut off a veil of phytoncids pathogenic viruses and bacteria from the respiratory system.

Around know when to stop

Daily use in the diet of onions, garlic, horseradish and radish will allow you to increase your overall immunity to viral diseases.And oberezhet family budget from unnecessary costs for medications.Especially as horseradish, radish, garlic and onions - the most affordable means of preventing people during mass flu and colds.As for the sharp breath, it will help eliminate the toothpaste, chewing gum or candy aromatic.You can chew and grains of coffee to fight off the scent.

worth to warn that garlic, onion, horseradish and radish though contain powerful anti-viral agents, but strongly irritate the mouth.Therefore, during the outbreaks of SARS and the flu diet should be primarily diet, lean, without an abundance of starchy foods, sweet and fatty.Therefore, these spices to flavor better than a light vegetable dishes.If you do poorly react to sharp seasoning, add a little onion juice, garlic, horseradish and radish in honey.This will soften the irritant effect and strengthen the therapeutic effect.With these tips you will quickly get rid of the first signs of colds folk remedies.

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