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Do allergy to the cold and how to fight it?

If you or someone you know have similar symptoms, it is necessary to find out whether there is an allergy to the cold and how to fight it.Particularly sensitive people react differently to a sharp cooling of exposed parts of the body.When cold allergy sometimes even a simple ice-cream can cause swelling of the tongue and throat.This sickness is called an allergy, when in fact such a body's response to cold exposure has nothing to do with a true allergic reaction.The mechanism of the allergy to the cold is significantly different from the usual allergies - there is a reaction to a substance-allergen, but here the temperature.Experts classify as a reaction to the cold pseudoallergy as allergen itself is missing.Determine whether there is an allergy to the cold, it is possible by the following features:

• Cold urticaria - are formed on the skin itchy blisters, similar to burn from nettles;

• Kholodova dermatitis - itchy skin, and the dermis (its upper layer) shelled.In severe disease there is a genera

l swelling of the body;

• Kholodova rhinitis (runny nose) - the nose lays only in the cold, the symptoms disappear without a trace in a warm room;

• Kholodova conjunctivitis - severe tearing and pain in the eyes in the frosty air.

Favourite localization cold urticaria - places that are directly in contact with the cold environment (skin of the face, hands, ears, mouth mucosa).Sometimes red spots may merge, forming a large area of ​​destruction and causing swelling of the surrounding tissue.The rash is quite dense, pink or whitish color, accompanied by intolerable itching.Hold usually within a few hours and then disappear.When the rash spreads to the whole body, itching becomes unbearable, fever.In severe cold allergy occurs chills, malaise, pain in joints and muscles, tachycardia (rapid heartbeat), marked weakness, headache, shortness of breath.Patients may sometimes complain of nausea and abdominal pain.Spontaneous exacerbation of the allergy to the cold may last for a couple of weeks, and in severe cases - even months sometimes - the whole cold season.The average duration of first exacerbation - 1.5 years, that is, cold urticaria may occur in the summer when bathing in cold water.Without the use of a special treat cold urticaria takes an average of 6 - 7 years.

allergy to the cold is not so safe.In particularly sensitive to his people under the influence of cold may develop an allergy to the cold-type quick - anaphylactic shock.This immediate allergic reaction that occurs with repeated allergen exposure of the body, in this case - the cold.In the most severe cases, against the background of shock reaction can dramatically lower blood pressure.Symptoms of anaphylactic shock - the appearance (just after cooling), severe weakness, nausea, chest pain, fear of death, which are rapidly increasing.At the same time reduces blood pressure, acts as a sticky cold sweat, the skin suddenly becomes pale, people may even lose consciousness.In such cases, only emergency medical assistance can save lives.Immediate anaphylactic shock for the most part ends in death.

disease can develop at any age, but the average age of onset of 25 - 30 years.The first attack often occurs after 30 - 35 years.If you have once in your life there are such problems, you can manually check whether there is an allergy to the cold.To this end, a quarter of an hour put a piece of ice on hand.If a rash or blister - go to the allergist or immunologist.The sensitivity of your skin to the cold increased.Cold urticaria - it is not just an annoying inconvenience, and the total signal "distress" of the body.Experts believe that the cold allergy - not an independent disease, but only symptom that accompanies some physical illness.Sensitization, ie increased its sensitivity, contribute to a variety of chronic diseases - sinusitis, tonsillitis, cholecystitis, dental caries, and helminths (worms).To get rid of cold allergy, you must first cure these diseases.

deal with allergies in the cold can be a variety of methods.Get used to the cold could not even Chukchi, but they resist cold by a hardening of the body.Mother lowered raspelenatogo child in the snow for a moment, and then he just sleeps tight.And we are to prevent the recurrence of cold allergy, you need to back in the summer to start hardening of the skin.Well established and wiping pouring water with a phased reduction in water temperature.Initially should prepare water with a temperature of 25 - 20 degrees.And later in 3 - 5 days the temperature is gradually lowered, bringing to 15 - 10 degrees.After 5 - 6 days again try to reduce it.Gradually, the water temperature was adjusted to 10 degrees.After water procedures should definitely rub the body with a towel until the redness of the skin.If the water temperature drops gradually and regularly carry out such procedures, even the child will not have any discomfort.If the temperature drops there an allergic reaction - hives appear, the water temperature should be raised to the degree higher.

Another method of dealing with allergy to the cold.If there are no contraindications, go to the bath, warm up there partes with a broom, and then poured cold water.In the snow or throw wormwood is not necessary, but the use of contrast water therapy - is necessary.

To overcome the cold allergy, you need to treat it as a serious illness!Casually dismissing such a reaction to the cold can not.At the first sign of trouble should permanently abandon all bravado cold season pass without a hat, light jacket and shoes with thin soles - I have, say, a good immune system.The frost - scarf and cap to the ears to the eyes and hands on the best stretch of fur gloves.Underwear - only cotton because synthetic wool and increase the expression of cold urticaria.

People prone to cold allergies, before going out on a cold day is recommended to the face, neck, hands greased layer of baby oil or melted butter.Although no kriokremy (winter special cosmetics), no oil will not save from the cold allergy, but at least they can help protect the skin from drying.From these creams can not refuse, especially if the skin is dry and flaky.After all, it is more vulnerable and permeable.Especially before physical factors - humidity, frost, wind.Nourishing cream quality women should be applied to the face for half an hour before going out.Hygienic lipstick winter useful to all.

People who suffer from cold allergy, have in the winter to give up visits to water parks and swimming pools - "Water" urticaria expressed much more severe symptoms than "air".Because food is to eliminate all that irritate the gastrointestinal tract, heavily roasted and smoked meat - in the first place.The diet must enter the foods rich in essential fatty acids - marine fish and high-quality vegetable oils.

can use at home warm baths with starch or a decoction of chamomile, which act soothingly.Pharmacological treatments for this pseudoallergy not bring the desired effect.Reception before going out antiallergic drugs brings relief for a short period of time.But in the absence of targeted treatment in the future appears more often.So by a specialist you do not go.If you have an allergy to the cold, how to fight it properly tell only a specialist.

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